Serena recites her self drafted beautiful poem on women.

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World known tennis player Serena Williams read out a self written poem on women power at New York Fashion Show. Serena read her beautiful poem at the New York fashion week for HSN for her “Serena Williams statement collection”

“She turns her disappointment into triumph.
Her grief into joy.
Her rejections into approvals.
If no one believes in her it does not matter.
She believes in herself.
Nothing stops her.
No one can touch her.
She is woman.”

She has composed poem after Wimbledon, and while the Olympics was on. This is not the first time she is reciting poem. The fact is that she loves poems. Recently at the Wimbledon 2016 Serena recited one of her favorite inspirational poem ‘I Rise’ by Maya Angelou poem ahead of finals.


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