Unhappy WhatsApp USERS TAKE IT OUT ON Twitter

The new Emojis that arrived with the updates on WhatsApp did not stand well on the users, as they lashed out on Twitter. The new updated versions of the Emojis include a larger and a pronounced set of Emojis. WhatsApp has also brought on this feature to its camera where a person can draw and add Emojis on the picture, for its users in Android and iOS.

WhatsApp, is owned by Facebook is widely popular and is used by a billion users, downloaded throughout the world. The App had a major update this month, where the Emojis are changed, to look bigger, especially the ones showing emotions. The user is now also able to place Emojis on the pictures, and add noted to videos, similar to Snapchat.


The Emojis have a cartoonish look to it, as the large emoticons are given shiny and realistic colors. The hatred of the new Emojis to the users is not a hidden fact as they tweeted their thoughts on twitter after their update. Some claim it to be confusing, ugly and awkward to use, and requesting people not to update unless they want a really bad set of Emojis.


One user said, “The New Emojis style on WhatsApp is hideous” (MORE, 2016), while some take on calling out through social media, requesting for a change. There are other features, which have also been added, like customizing the pictures or videos before being sent, with Emojis and notes, with a front flash for the WhatsApp camera, for better picture.

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