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6 of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Malaysia

Visit in Malaysia


Malaysia is one of the countries that boast of its diversity. In this country, you will see a coming together of different ethnic cultures, religions, customs, and delicious cuisines. From picturesque island beaches to stunning mountains, lush tropical rainforest, and fertile highlands, Malaysia’s natural landscape also deserves a thumbs-up.

No wonder Malaysia is among the most visited countries in Asia. According to the World Tourism Organization’s report, the country had 26.75 million tourists in 2016, ranking third next to Thailand and China, respectively.

If you haven’t been to Malaysia, this question might pop up into your mind: what are the top places to enjoy and experience in this country? Don’t worry, there are plenty of tourist destinations in Malaysia, and it’s even a popular spot for traveller vloggers because you can get YouTube likes fast if you film content in this beautiful country.

The Perhentian Islands

This small archipelago consists of two main islands: the Perhentian Kecil, which is the smaller island, and the Perhentian Besar, the bigger one. These two coral-edged islands sit near the border with Thailand and have been a popular stopover for traders between the two countries.

The Perhentian Islands’ fine, white sand and crystal clear waters are the primary reasons why many tourists are attracted to it. This paradise on Earth is an ideal spot for beach lovers who want to relish in the tropical wonders of Malaysia and to enjoy fun-filled activities, such as scuba diving, canoeing, and snorkeling.

Perhentian Kecil is frequented by budget travelers and backpackers; while Perhentian Besar is preferred by romantic couples and families. For people who are planning to enjoy and experience this tropical paradise, it’s advisable to visit it during the dry season from March to November.

Taman Negara

If you love nature and outdoor activities, Taman Negara is the place for you! This vast national park in Malaysia is known as the oldest tropical rainforest in the world (estimated to be around 130 million years old).

Tourists flock to Taman Negara to see its abundant wildlife, from exotic birds to rare plants and animals like the Sumatran Rhinoceros, Malayan Tiger, and Asian Elephant. Activities such as fishing, trekking, rafting, caving, and bird spotting are also available in the area.

The most sought-after activity in Taman Negara is the Canopy Walk in which visitors can take a glimpse of exotic birds high above the treetops. You can also enjoy guided night safaris if you want to see nocturnal creatures like leopard cats, owls, and water dragons, or to witness the majestic glow-in-the-dark fungi.

Danum Valley

Known as a popular ecotourism spot, the Danum Valley Conservation Area is one of the best places that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Malaysia. This 438-square-kilometer untouched jungle is reputed for its rich biodiversity where thousands of species of flora and fauna live. You can spot in the area animals like clouded leopards, pygmy elephants, and orangutans.

Although some natural habitats throughout Sabah have been damaged by logging and deforestation, the Danum Valley is preserved and protected. What’s good about this place is that you don’t see any human settlement, which makes your experience of Nature sublime.

You can enjoy trekking and night safaris in Danum Valley, or visit the ancient Kadazan-Dusun burial sites.

Sipadan Island

Do you want to experience swimming alongside a wide variety of marine life? If yes, you should find time to visit Sipadan Island. Located in the Celebes Sea, off the eastern coast of Sabah, Sipadan Island is famous around the world as a scuba diving spot.

It has a rich marine biodiversity that includes whale sharks, green turtles, bumphead parrotfish, sea cucumbers, batfish, etc. You can also witness majestic coral formations, as well as boulder and gorgonian corals. If you want to get enchanted once in your life, Sipadan Island is the place to be!

Cameron Highlands

After traveling around the mostly tropical climate in Malaysia, you can visit Cameron Highlands to feel on your skin the fresh and cool air of the mountains. In this place, you’ll witness a majestic green scenery, wildlife, lakes, butterfly gardens, flower farms, and tea plantations. You can also have a taste of the delicious local honey and the newly harvested fruits and vegetables.


Located in the Andaman Sea, off the northwestern coast of Malaysia, Langkawi is a well-known tourist destination that boasts of its majestic beaches, mangroves, and lush rainforest. You can also visit Malaysia’s largest indoor aquarium in Langkawi, as well as the Sky Bridge that enables you to have a greater vantage view of the majestic island.

There are also restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other tourist facilities in Langkawi for you to make the most out of your vacation.


When it comes to tourist destinations, Malaysia has so much to offer. Malaysia is one of the countries in the world known for its diversity and beautiful natural landscape. So it will indeed be a worthwhile experience to visit it. You can even browse on travel sites like Tourist Secrets to know more about Malaysia.

Six of the most beautiful places in the country that you shouldn’t miss are Langkawi, Cameron Highlands, Taman Negara, Sipadan Island, Danum Valley, and Perhentian Islands. So what are you waiting for? Book your ticket now and enjoy the beauty of Malaysia!