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Holiday is all about traveling, visiting new places and making new friends. But, when we visit a new country or even if it is a visited country, we are so stuck with the package people that we cannot explore the local market and streets. Well, if you know driving and have an Indian license, the good news is that a few countries trust our driving.

You can rent a car anytime, take it to the roads and get all the fascinating views and advantages of the self-drive.

The 10 countries where you are allowed to drive in with Indian license are:

  1. Mauritius

Being well prepared with road signs all along the small island, it is very easy to drive on the roads of Mauritius in a single day. Just carry your valid Indian license written in English along with an International Driving Permit to drive safely on the left side of the road.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand has set an age limit of minimum 21 years for Indian drivers carrying a valid Indian license translated or written in English. If such is not the case, an official translation in English is required and it needs to be approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

  1. Norway

Driving is allowed in Norway for 3 months for visitors carrying a valid Indian license.

  1. The United States of America

The US lets Indians carrying a valid Indian license written in English, drive for a year.

  1. Australia

Australia lets Indian drivers drive with an IDP and valid Indian license in English but for 3 months only.

  1. South Africa

A valid Indian license with a photo and signature and written in English with IDP is necessary to drive in South Africa.

  1. Germany

Germany permits driving with valid Indian license for a period of 6 months only and the driving is on the right side as well. Check the map well before turning your vehicle keys.

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland has its driving on its right side, so, even if you carry a valid Indian license written in English, you need to be careful while viewing the natural beauty of the country.

  1. France

France lets Indian drivers on the road with a valid Indian license but it is compulsory to translate the license in French rather than English.

  1. The United Kingdom

Driving with a valid Indian license is possible in The United Kingdom but the permission granted by the country to use the license is only for one year.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat