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10 Tips To Improve Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Your whole world revolves in your Smartphone; you get your news, your mail and your entertainment. Over use of these could soon kill your battery life and you would be required to replace it. Here are some helpful tips that could help you retain the battery life longer.

Tips To Improve Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Wallpaper :-  Put dark wallpaper for your home and lock screen. This will reduce the amount of light emitted and save battery.

Wi-Fi Turn Off :-  When you are not using your Wi-Fi, turn it off in the settings. Keeping them on will have your phone active even if it is off.

Turn off vibration mode:- Turn off vibration mode as they absorb more battery energy. Also, turn off the sounds made when you are typing to save battery.


Turn off your location:- Most apps track your location. This could drain your battery. Turn off your location in your settings.


Update phone regularly:- Update your phone regularly. This could improve the phone performance and battery life.


Airplane mode:- Turn your phone into Airplane mode when possible. This saves battery.


Battery saving mode:- You can always turn on the battery saving mode in the settings.

• Using mobile data often drains your battery fast. Turn off your mobile data when not in use and save power. This also goes for Bluetooth, GPS and NFC.

• Apps like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook etc refresh for new updates and messages. This drains power.

• Delete the widgets on your main screen, as they can deplete power.

These power saving hacks are simple and can be adopted in your every day use for better battery power.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat