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A woman is considered very powerful in building up any relation as well as ruining it. Women many times unknowingly make mistakes that destroy any chances of a relationship. Such mistakes if known beforehand can be very important in saving the bond and carrying it in the long run. The list goes as:

10 Ugly Mistakes Women Make

Women get fascinated easily with men from their first date itself and this can be seen clearly in their words, face and lifestyle. Men usually take advantage of this and dump women easily. Be careful not to show what you feel until you sure what he feels.

They underestimate themselves and don’t realize how powerful and strong they are. They accept bad behavior and ill-treatment from the ones they love. This doesn’t help to take the relationship ahead. They should then and there stop any mistreatment to avoid future breakups.

Not listening to the 6th sense women have can be really dangerous as their 6th sense is very strong and can help them catch any cheatings from their partner. It can also help them beautify their relationship and make it strong, on time.

Giving less priority to your partner can be the biggest and initial mistake women make in their relationships. Neglecting your spouse for kids, housework, office or any other thing can build up conflicts and chaos among the couples.

Holding back physical affection to take personal revenge is considered bad for a relationship as physical attachment strengthens the bond while holding back brings distance among hearts.

Daydreaming unreal things and expecting a lot from your better half can spoil the connection between the two. Be practical.

Less communication has often resulted in an unsuccessful relationship because understanding each other becomes difficult then.

Women don’t try to understand that men are different from them and treat them the same way they do to their girlfriends, this cause man to believe that they are being disrespected which brings down love and damages the connection.

Too much depending on your partner and being a burden rather than a helping hand is a big mistake woman often make in a relation.

Trying to rule and change your partner will always result in a messed up relation. Accept your partner the way he is so that he is always comfortable with you.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat