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11 Signs That Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

You have been happy in a long-term committed relationship. In fact, it’s been your pride as all your friends envy you both as couple totally in love. But, one fine day, your gut expresses doubts. Do not ignore! Listen to your conscience for it has probably picked up certain signals from your girlfriend that you are yet to see. These could be the signs that she is cheating on you.

Let us have a look at some of them so others can be forewarned and do not have to go through the same heartbreak as you-

She has become secretive:

In the initial heady days of romance, there was a time when you knew about her schedule not just on an hourly basis but on a minute to minute basis. But, if she is not telling you about her day then do not ignore this very obvious sign.

She hides her mobile:

Wife confer privately on the phone

While earlier, she would openly surf the net in your presence, she now hides her mobile. To take calls, she now moves away. Her screen is locked and the password is unknown to you. All these could be signs that she is hiding something from you, possibly another boyfriend.

 Image makeover:

Over a period of time, both of you had become very comfortable with each other to the extent that she no longer bothered looking her best. Suddenly, you see her in completely new look. Her dress sense, makeup, everything seems different. It could be that she is attracted to someone else.

Work is taking up more and more time than ever:

If once upon a time, your girlfriend could not wait to come home to be with you but now cites the excuse of work for coming late every day, then you definitely need to worry.

 If you hear a friend or co- worker’s name being mentioned again and again:

If her conversation suddenly starts featuring the same name frequently, you need to sit up and pay attention. Office romances are common because of the long hours spent together and this could have happened to your girlfriend as well.

 You are no longer her go to guy:

There was a time early on in the relationship when you were the only one who could share her problems and concerns and also come up with a solution. If you are no longer that, it could be because she has found someone else.

 Your sex life is no longer the same:

A sudden interest in experimenting with new positions could be a sign that she is having sex with someone else and bringing that experience home.

Extreme emotions:

If she starts acting overly nice with you or gets angry in an instant, these again could be signs that she is hiding something from you.

She suddenly stops caring about you:

If she has gone from looking after your smallest needs to ignoring every need of yours, then you really need to worry.

 She avoids your family and friends:

The same friends and family, she could not get enough of, she now wants to avoid. She makes excuses to give your family gatherings a miss. It could be because she has found someone more important.

 Does not want to commit:

If she avoids questions regarding your future as a couple, it definitely means there is something amiss in your relationship.

Thus, one simply has to be one the lookout for signs to figure out whether there is some trouble in paradise or not.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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