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In 2013 my wife Kelli and I visited Southern India.

We enjoy our trip through this fascinating, fun region of an enchanting country.

The people of Pondicherry, Bangalore, Muhamma, Kovalam and Chennai were friendly, kind and of so inviting. I even met a few of my blogging buddies when I cruised through the area.

During my trip I had 3 colorful travel experiences I want to share with you today.

1: Going on a Forced Fast in Muhamma

The most colorful experience I had in India centered around a forced fast in Muhamma.

OK; I nearly died after becoming dangerously dehydrated, due to giardia.

I fell ill at the bus station in Kochi, breaking into sweats and being overpowered by nausea.

After a few minutes the feeling passed. But these waves become more persistent while we spent a week in Muhamma.

My appetite vanished. I barely drank sips of water. I lost 15 pounds in one week.

The toilet bowl looked like Fruity Pebbles after my visits. My face became lean and gaunt. I even began to see bones slightly poke out of my back.

Eventually, my wife and the homeowner dragged me to the emergency room, a bumpy, agonizing ride in a tuk tuk preceding my slow but steady recovery.

3 bags of IV fluids and 2 days later my road to healing began. But not after I experienced the scare of my life in Muhamma, India.

2: Feeding Pooches in Pondicherry

Kelli and I fed the pooches in Pondicherry.

Whether the street doggies were knocking on the door of death or seemed pleasantly plump we bought a big old bag of kibble every few days and went nuts with metering out the grub for local dogs living on the street.

I took a shine to a doggie on our block who seemed to gravitate toward us. After a few trips down the block we even got close enough to pet him.

A few days later he fell terribly ill. We had no idea what happened to him.

Then, the seemingly worst thing happened; he vanished.

We believed he was dead. Until during one of our nightly walks by the Bay of Bengal – all the locals walk there each evening when things cool down – we saw our beloved canine frolicking on the sidewalk with a few humans.

Scooping out a few handfuls, Kelli and I reunited with the lovely dog, petting our buddy as he warily kept other street dogs away from his precious booty.

Fun note; although a handful of locals enjoyed our giving hearts, a few people looked at us like we were crazy. Some view street dogs as vermin or trash. I view them like sentient beings who deserve love and affection.

Seeing Kelli and I stroll around town with a huge yellow bag of dog food was like watching two pied pipers for pooches cruising around Pondicherry.

3: Crazy Value in Kovalam

A whole bag of fruits and vegetables for $2 USD?

Are you kidding me?

I was stunned at the cost of living in Kovalam, and Kerala in general.

My wife and I enjoyed a full bag of fresh fruit and vegetables we bought from a local stand for $2 USD. Astounding. This was good, delicious, nutritious fare we’d consume over a week.

Everything was inexpensive in Kovalam, including rental prices for the big apartment we stayed in.

No matter where we looked, we were both floored by the amazing value received in exchange for a minimal cash investment.

Have you had any colorful experiences in India?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat