3 Important Things Our Parents Taught Us That We Understand Only in Our Late 20s


What seems as parental nagging and scolding only comes back as eureka moments when we start our independent life.

We often fail to realize that our parents are teaching us valuable life lessons when we’re throwing our hair around in our teenage and early twenties. They do this not only because their duty, but also because they love you and really, really care for you.

Let’s take a look at a few things that our parents taught us that we understand only in our late twenties.

1. Keeping the house clean and switching off the light switches

This one’s irritated us a lot in our childhood and in our teenage. Why do we need to maintain a clean house and what’s the obsession with switching the lights off when you step out of your room?!

Well, try throwing a party at your own house and learn it the hard way when someone barfs on your sofa. Pay the bills of cleaning the house and fixing your broken fridge because someone left it open all night.

It only hits us then. It’s pretty frustrating to maintain the house and do the chores, isn’t it? Buy new furniture and maintain it? Phew! It’s too much work.

There’s an easy solution to it though. You could rent a fully furnished apartment at no extra cost from NestAway. Plus, they maintain the furnishings including the refrigerator, water heater and whatever comes along. They won’t clean your house though. You gotta do it yourself.

2. Eat your vegetables

When we’re done chasing our dreams of eating the cheese burst pizza day in and day out, we would either get sick or get bored of it. And when you hit the doctor’s clinic, your doctor asks you, “what’s your diet like?” Hmm. It’s pretty cheesy you’d say or may be throw in a lie to avoid the gyaansession.

It rings a bell though. A memory that isn’t quite faint. When your mommy purposely tried to feed you the green veggies and you tried really hard to escape it. Now, realizing how important it is to eat your veggies and skip the ease of making instant noodles for dinner.

It essentially means, you must learn to take care of your health as one of the topmost priority. Health is wealth. Heard it all your life? Time to implement it, bro.

3. Make your own decisions, if confused, take advice

When our hormones are running on the surplus, not knowing where to go, they throw us all around the place, making us overconfident about most things. This only makes us seep into the thought that, we wished we took advice before stepping into this.

Apart from the moments of instant gratification and uncalled-for embarrassments, we learn to take advice from the experts only in our late twenties. We realize someone else is better than us at something. May it be a friend, a colleague, a professional expert or our parents.

Didn’t your parents deny having your back sometime? That’s because they wanted to teach you to take responsibility for your own actions.

After all, we make our own beds and we lie in them, only wishing that it was more comfortable. So, plan in advance, take some advice and you’ll be in a better position tomorrow. Such are the lessons of our beloved parents.

There could be many other things that your parents might have taught you. Share it with other below. After all, we’re better listeners in our late 20s.

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