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3 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Sri Lanka is the perfect tropical destination, and here are some of the biggest reasons why it should be your next travel destination. Yoho Bed is proud to be one of the premier hotel partners for travelers coming to this wonderful country.

Let’s go to the beach:

Sri Lankan beaches are known worldwide as being some of the most awe-inspiring and golden beaches that one has ever seen. None of what Asia offers can be complete without a trip to Sri Lanka. The beautiful island country of Lanka has a historic affair with world travelers who come here from far and wide to check out its scenic beaches.

From water sports to adventures, the beaches here are now iconic in the minds of many. You can start off by visiting Unawatuna beach, where you can wine and dine with your loved ones. It’s also one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka, where you can get a great tan on its golden sands. You can also indulge in turtle nesting here.

Hikkaduwa beach is another great destination for travelers who want some peace and tranquillity. Located conveniently near Hikkaduwa guest houses and hotels, this the perfect place to have a staycation-like adventure.

The Natural Beauty:

The Ceylon Tea Trails and the Hikkaduwa Lake are just some of the many natural spots in Sri Lanka. It’s here that some of the most scenic movies are shot, with some of the most jaw-dropping natural sightseeing spots known to mankind. Sri Lanka is also home to some great natural wildlife. With tiger trails and wild-life expeditions, this country has all that you need when it comes to natural beauty.

While most of the top resorts are located around Mount Lavinia, Hikkaduwa hotels are also widely regarded because of their proximity to natural wild spots. Places like Dondra Head and the rainforest of Sinharaja, make up just some of the 14 national parks in the country.

Cuisines and Culture:


If you want a getaway vacation, then nothing beats the Sri Lankan cuisine and culture. From having staples like hoppers, string hoppers (steamed rice noodles) and pittu (a mixture of flour and coconut), to partaking in its string of wonderful festivals, Sri Lanka is where you want to be if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle. It has a transformational quality about itself and very few travelers know the true value of the country.

While in Sri Lanka, you shouldn’t miss out on the Lamparis – rice and accompaniments baked in plantain leaves, the buffalo curd eaten with palm-honey, and the Malay- wattalapam. You’ll be awe-struck when you come here and dine on the best!