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At present, home security systems are the necessity of every home. Most of the people have switched to these security systems because of the increasing chances of burglary and thefts. For your benefit, you would select the best-to-best home security system but still, it can be hacked by hackers due to their smart minds.

The reason why they breach your security cameras is that most cameras have online access via apps or sites, where you can see a live video feed of your home or interact with the camera in the case of 2-way audio. Wi-Fi networks or malware attacks are some other ways that these cameras can be hacked. To prevent hacking, there are 2 interesting ways that we can use to keep them protected. Know them:

  • Modify your password

Camera hacks may happen because of poor management on your behalf. You need to get aware of password security, malware, and Wi-Fi network security. It would be a great idea if you change your camera’s password very often. You can also have a guest network. Try to make your password very unique every time you change it.

  • Rely on trustworthy sources only

Sometimes, what we do is to buy a home security camera from auction sites because these may cost less. But to stop getting hacked, you should choose a well-known retailer, which you know very well. Ensure you are familiar with the service provider that will be having an app for your camera. Of course, you should go for reviews both negative and positive. Take it as a mobile phone rather than one-time investment.

  • Go for firmware updates

Firmware updates are designed to resolve problems with your home security camera. This is why these should be in an updated manner. Some updates are related to security so that the issues can be fixed. In any case, if you do not know whether or not there is a firmware update available. For that, you need to examine the app your camera has and then check out updates, and install them.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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