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4 Habits That Can Save Your Kids From Delhi’s Toxic Air!

Delhi People Woke To a Thick Smog, Pollution In The Capital Exceeded, Heavy Smog In Delhi, Delhi People Exhaling Toxic Smog–  these headlines are not new for the Delhi people and unfortunately they have got used to it. There is no relief from the pollution and it seems the situation is going to get worst in the future. Adults might not be severely affected, but their children’s are. The general population has nothing in their hands expect taking few precautionary measures to keep their family safe. Here are the 4 regular habits that will help protect your little ones from the toxic air in Delhi.

1. Contact your child’s school

A pretty enough time of your child is spent at the school so make sure the quality of the air they are inhaling is monitored properly. Schools can limit the outdoor timings of the children (bad air times).  Pollution hot spots can be reduced by creating idle-free zones outside the school gates on streets where children wait or walk.

2. Keep an eye on the readings

Download the applications to check the air quality which is easily available on play store. Make a habit to monitor the readings every hour as this little step can save you and your children from suffering respiratory and other illness caused due to bad air quality.

3. Buy a Face Mask for Your Kid

Today you will get some quality face masks that are capable of filtering dangerous particles in the air. You can buy N99/N95 rated face masks and make sure they are properly adjusted on your child’s face letting no polluted air in.

4. Incorporate Indoor HEPA Air Filter

HEPA air filter is must to have in your house where your entire family can breathe pure air at the time they are inside. There are tremendous options available with a variety of features. A little investment can protect you and your little ones from the dangers of polluted air. Consider devices with HEPA filters because they are capable of removing even the tiniest particles from the air.

If Delhi air really concerns your parental instincts, then these are the 4 things that you need to pay attention to immediately.