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Wine is the most versatile alcoholic drink- it can be consumed when relaxing after a long day at work, or can be served to your guests at a fancy party. Not only that, it also has several health benefits if it is consumed in moderation. It increases the body’s immunity, reduces the risk of strokes and heart diseases, and lowers cholesterol- among other things.

‘Wine is bottled poetry.’ –Robert Luis Stevenson

While wine is a treat in itself and is loved by people since ages, it also complements a variety of other foods which makes your meal all the more enjoyable.

Here are a few combinations of wine and food that you just can’t miss:

1) Sparkling Rosé and Sushi

People have been pairing wine with seafood for a very long time, however, since sushi has only recently gained wider acceptance, much about it is unknown. Sushi offers a complex mixture of a multitude of flavors, which are only accentuated when paired with dry or sparkling rosé. Rosé has just the right amount of flavor- so as to not overpower the tastes of the individual ingredients used in the sushi. The light and fruity flavors of the wine bring out the mild flavors of the sushi.

Sushi is as famous for its unusual texture, as it is for its novel mixture of ingredients. Rosé complements not only the flavors of sushi but also its texture. While making this combination, you must keep in mind that there are a variety of fillings used in sushi. Even though rosé is able to perfectly complement milder flavors, other drinks may be better suited for the stronger flavors.

2) Vinho Verde and Indian Food

Indian dishes offer an explosion of flavors to the palate, which can be overpowering for some people. The trick is to balance out its strong flavors with a simplistic wine such as the Portuguese Vinho Verde. Indian food with its medley of spices and sauces need to be paired with a drink which is able to balance out the flavors, without ruining its own taste. The spicy flavors can also be matched with other fruity drinks, but the Vinho Verde is a drink that can never go wrong with its enhancing of the wide range of flavors.

3) Shiraz and Chili

Shiraz may be lighter than its stronger variant Syrah, but it is still known for its bold flavors. The fruity wine is best paired with equally bold flavors, as well as leaner and less acidic meats. While Shiraz does not really go well with sweet and mild flavors, most red meat dishes such as chili are complemented perfectly by the beverage. The strong savory flavors of the chili are only enhanced by the fruity flavors of the wine.

4) Tawny Port and Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is an essential part of many holiday meals and is enjoyed by families on various occasions. The wine which is selected to be paired with the dish should be strong enough to balance out its creamy texture, but at the same time, it should not overpower the sweetness of the desert. Tawny port, the second Portuguese wine on this list is able to satisfy all these criteria and has won over many diners as well as experts all over the world with its complex and unique flavors. Pumpkin pie with its strong, sweet and spicy flavors would easily overpower other milder wines, while the tawny port is just the right amount of sweet and strong for the popular pie.

5) Chardonnay and Blue Cheese

Cheese is probably the most common food item consumed with wine, as the two complement each other in flavor, texture and possibly every other aspect. Even though both the items in this combination are expensive, it doesn’t hurt to keep in mind this divine pairing for times when you feel like spoiling yourself. Traditionally, white wines such as Chardonnay have been preferred over their red counterparts for consumption with cheese.


The rich texture of Chardonnay is perfectly complemented by the bold and tangy flavors of blue cheese. Blue cheese goes best with Heavily Oaked Chardonnay, as the two items balance out each other’s contradicting flavors. Apart from blue cheese, a variety of other cheeses also go well with the drink: such as camembert and brie. So, don’t forget to try out these combinations at your next wine and cheese tasting party.




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