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The first date is always stress. You prepare yourself, choose an outfit, and think about how to impress a man. But at the personal meeting, you see a man far cry from you imagined. Many girls are embarrassed to leave a date, not wanting to offend a person. However, if you are not able to endure the interlocutor, and communication with him brings no pleasure, then any pretense will not improve the situation. 

It is better to leave on time than to give false hope to a person. It is not necessary to say goodbye rudely or promise new meetings. You can say honestly and openly that you do not match each other, and then leave a date. If straightforwardness is alien to you, these five ingenious ploys will help you. 

1. Deadline

If you feel that a man does not match you, but you do not want to offend him, establish the time frame of your meeting. It is one of the best ways on how to avoid awkward first dates. Say to the man that you have only an hour or a couple of hours to spend time with him, and then, you need to go out to do the errands: visit beloved parents, meet with an old friend, head to work, go to the country, etc. It is normal to indicate the time frame of a date at the beginning of the meeting. During this time, you will be able to come to know an interlocutor better. What if you will like him? Then you can agree on a second date. 

2. Rescue call

If you do not like a man, your communication goes sour, you do not have common topics for conversation, and want to go away as soon as possible, ask for friendly help. Ask a close friend to call you during the date and take you away. But in this case, the call should not cause suspicion. It is better if the friend calls you some time after you wrote a message. Then, come up with a suitable excuse and do a bunk. For example, you may say that it is your boss who has just called you and ordered you out. Also, you can tell the interlocutor that someone from your relatives has forgotten the keys and cannot get into the house, so you need to come to the rescue.

3. Headache

Women are rightfully considered one of the most cunning creatures on the planet. Do you want to leave a gentleman? Feign feeling unwell! Act sick, as if you have a headache or high temperature. If the guy offers to accompany you home, but you do not want it at all, then say that you have someone to take care of you (these may be relatives, friends, etc.). 

4. “I have to go” performance

Sometimes, drastic times call for drastic measures. On a date in a cafe or restaurant, a phone call may not save you, therefore, you should come up with something more ingenious. Ask your friends or relatives for help. Write someone a message requesting to come and take you away under any good excuse. Besides, you need to do this quickly so that a gentleman does not have time to understand what is happening and express a protest. It is one of the cleverest ways to leave an awkward first date.

5. Operation “Ыqueamish


You can escape from a date quickly and effectively with the help of an “accident” with clothes. Pretend to be a squeamish person and accidentally on purpose spill over yourself coffee, juice, wine, etc. In a word, douse yourself any possible drink, because of which you will have to go home. After that, apologize to an interlocutor and say you cannot continue the date in such an unkempt look. Go away. 

Of course, it is better to avoid unsuccessful dates. However, life is unpredictable, so sometimes it is necessary to take risks and look for creepholes. The above-mentioned ingenious ploys will be useful for you not only in romantic relationships but also in ordinary life. 

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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