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5 of the Best Helicopter Sightseeing Tours in the World

While it’s magnificent to immerse yourself in nature through climbing or hiking outdoors, you can also have a unique experience with nature via a helicopter tour. It’s hard to see how immense and beautiful nature is until you’re already up in the air.

Furthermore, the advantages of a helicopter ride aren’t only for nature, it’s unimaginable and incredible to look down on the urban sprawl, as well. Here are the five best helicopter tours that you might include on your bucket list.

Play and Spectate at Geiranger Fjord, Norway

Norway is a nation that is full of dazzling and extraordinary places, from its fjords to its icy masses. Among its most renowned and famous sights is the UNESCO Heritage Geiranger Fjord and the encompassing Ålesund, which has been called Norway’s most beautiful city. Helicopter rides and tours offer an expansive view of this grand fjord and the encompassing mountains and icy masses.

Experience the Wonder of Nature in Grand Canyon, Arizona

There is no lack or shortage of ways to visit this Grand Canyon and its sprawling national park, including its nerve racking Skywalk and the best river raft. At 277 miles in length, and in parts up to 18 miles wide and over a mile deep, the ideal approach to spectate it is via an aerial view. Helicopter ride takes you both above and down into the canyon for a full viewpoint. To see it at its most captivating view, make sure to book a sunset visit.

Get a Taste of City Hustle in Hong Kong

While most people consider the views from the Victoria Peak to be the best, viewing the cityscape of Hong Kong from the air is unbeatable. With a sky-high structure and a horizon that is among the most famous on the planet, Hong Kong is a place and destination of magnificent sights. An aerial visit will give you a glimpse of the horizon, as well as Victoria Harbor and the surrounding mountains and shorelines.

Be a Dreamer in the “City that Never Sleeps” New York City

A helicopter tour to explore New York City will allow you to view the city and the famous landmark, the Statue of Liberty from a close vantage point. You’ll also get the chance to see vast numbers of the city’s most iconic views and attractions, from its buildings and bridges to Central Park and Ellis Island.

Manhattan pulses with a vitality that is utterly exhilarating, but to venture in the skies and see it in a more tranquil setting is a must try that you must include on your bucket list.

Explore the Marine Biodiversity of Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Covering a range of 133,000 square miles and containing almost 3,000 individual reefs, the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s biggest coral reef, and the most significant work of art by living life forms. It has received and earned its designation as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

It is more striking from the air as it is a view from underneath the surface, and the two perspectives give a one of a kind point of view. Numerous helicopter operators offer you blended schedules that match your airborne ride with a glass-base boat visit or scuba and snorkeling journeys. There are lots of helicopter tours that you can avail like MicroFlite tours so that you will enjoy all your moments riding this helicopter.

Advantages of Helicopter Tours

*  Helicopter visits are perfect for individuals who have a little window of time for travel journeys.

*  Helicopters can take off and arrive pretty much anyplace, and their moving skill empowers them to go to hard-to-achieve places, taking into consideration a remarkable visit experience.

*  Tour companies and organizations have designed a helicopter tour bundles at different packages and costs so that anyone can locate a flying adventure to suit their financial plan.

*  A helicopter tour and visit is an ideal path for somebody who has issues strolling to appreciate sightseeing. Numerous helicopter organizations offer you an extraordinary housing to travelers with disabilities.

*  Excellent for families, a helicopter visit can be the most memorable piece of the experience for the family.

Disadvantages of Helicopter Tours

*  Helicopters are slower than planes, and they likewise utilize more fuel.

*  Most helicopter organizations give a multilingual sound guide. Individuals who lean towards a live guide may discover this style as reasonably generic.

*  Helicopter visits can be costly even the most sparing visits can cost more than seventy dollars for a fifteen-minute flight.

*  There can be an extra charge if you weigh more than two hundred and seventy-five pounds.


A few destinations are best seen at a distance to see the place thoroughly. To experience them completely you should try to risk and try some adventure, and take them to a remote location. Helicopter trips are genuinely unique experiences that you must try. They will take you up, around and back for unforgettable and unique experiences. So, what are you waiting? Book now and get ready for the biggest adventure of your life.

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Janis Walker is a freelance blogger, writer, and traveler. She likes traveling a lot, both local and abroad. She also gets a daily dose of adventure fix through camping and skydiving whenever her time permits. Overall, Janis believes that life without experiencing your full potential would be a mistake.

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