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Home Improvement

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Zen

In Japanese, Zen refers to meditation. In interior design, it reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. Everybody needs there home to be a calm cocoon. Here are 5 easy ways to make your home more zen.

Colours of Calm

Artists and interior designers have long believed that colour can dramatically affect or moods, feelings and emotions.

A zen inspired design is all about colours that appear in nature – soft tones, such as white, grey, shades of earthy browns, pinks or beige. These colours have the power to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness. Ensure the colours you use on the walls, floor, accessories and soft furnishings all blend well together and don’t clash.

Clear Clutter

Clear space equals clear mind.  Remove unnecessary items from your rooms by hiding them away neatly in cupboards or getting rid of them completely. Piles of clutter will inhibit free movement, block your lines of vision and cause your mind to feel cluttered.

Cool Things

Of course, you must have some personal accessories to make your house more personal. Display pictures or photographs that make you happy but don’t have too many – one simple picture in a natural wooden frame will suffice. Look for other calming ornaments or decorations that instil feelings of calm such as buddha statues, pottery or an indoor water feature for your home.

Softly Does It

Make your home comfortable and soft with plush, wool carpet or rugs. For a more durable flooring, use light coloured wood, laminate or parquet. Sheepskin rugs will add incredible softness and warmth for your feet or they can even be thrown over seating to create a soft nest.

Soft furnishings like curtains and cushions should be natural colours and fabrics. One of the essential elements of your zen décor are the curtains which provide a sensation of intimacy, while reducing noise and blocking air draughts.

Lightness of Being

A zen house should have soft lighting – no harsh fluorescent lights. Natural daylight is the best light so make sure you don’t block it out.

At night use candles for a soft, romantic ambiance or install dimmer switches on your ceiling lights and table lamps.


The sense of smell is 10,000 more acute than all of our senses! So that’s why certain smells have the capacity to trigger the release of specific hormones that impact the way we feel and behave. Smell play an important role in creating a zen home. Certain perfumes such as lavender encourage you to relax and unwind and neroli can uplift you and banish feelings of sadness.

Go Green

Green is one of the most soothing colours. Fill your home with plants for a calming effect.  Plants give off oxygen that will add to your sense of health and wellbeing. Don’t choose plants with flowers that emit over powering perfumes. Bonsai trees or hanging terrariums, for example, make a good choice and are often included in zen décor.