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7 Unknown Road Trips You Can Go from Bangalore

by Shanaya Mehta

Road Trips You Can Go from Bangalore

Distance: 112 km’s

Less than 3 hours away from the city of Bangalore, Doddamakkali belongs to the Bheemeshwari range of hills. It is a nature camp that makes for a remarkable experience to its participants. The easiest way to reach the place is by road. Although buses are frequently available to this place from the city, it is best experienced on two wheels. Enter into the kingdom of nature and feel at one.


Distance: 94 km’s

Gudibanda plays host to a majestic fort built 400 years ago, housing a Shivling. This Shivling is believed to be one of the 108 jyotirlingas. It has amazing sculpture work that can be captured on screen. Situated just a few hours away from the city center, this place can be easily reached by road. It is open throughout the year and can be visited during any and every season. It would, in fact, make for an ideal bike ride.


Distance: 16 km’s

Situated at a mere distance of fewer than 20 km’s from the heart of the city, Omkar hills make for a perfect rider’s getaway destination. The place is in fact, one of the highest points in the city. The astounding temple housing 12 jyotirlingas under one roof, is a treat to the eyes.

The calmness and the quiet environment around the temple is a charm for every visitor. It makes for a perfect ride from Bangalore. An ideal location for budget travelers, one can easily rent a bike in Bangalore and embark on this ride.


Distance: 147 km’s

Part of the Pandavapura taluk of Mandya district, Melukote is one of the most sacred places of the state. Its proximity from the capital city makes it a very desirable destination for a weekend trip. It is situated at an elevation of 3000 feet above sea level. Bike riding enthusiasts, generally hire a bike from around the city and take the route to this beautiful location. Along with the temple housing lord Che Luv Narayana Swamy, this place is also famous for the various research and studies that go on in the field of Sanskrit literature.


Distance: 150 km’s

This destination is very famous among adventure enthusiasts in the city for the trekking opportunity it offers. Situated en route of the most sought after roads for bike rides (the Mysore-Bangalore highway), Kunti Betta is a mountain range that makes for one hell of a ride. Rent a bike from any of the bike rentals in Bangalore, like Where street, and begin your journey as early as possible to avoid traffic. Make sure to halt at Bidadi for some mouth-watering Thatte Idlis to complement your ride.


Distance: 211 km’s

Kabini is a river that sees its origin in the state of Kerala, which then flows to meet the Kaveri river in Karnataka. The areas surrounding the river is a place rich in wildlife. Most visit this place to experience its wildlife, away from the hassle of city life. This place is especially famous for Leopards, tigers, and elephants along with many other exotic animal species. The roads joining Bangalore to Kabini make for one exhilarating bike trip. And if you don’t own one, you easily get a bike on rent in Bangalore and ride to Kabini for that perfect weekend.


Distance: 36 km’s

If you are ready for a unique experience, like never before, then take time out to visit this small village in the outskirts of Bangalore, called Nrityagram. As the name suggests, it well-known for is dance culture. Spend a day watching the dancers perform their art with all the grace, learn their history, their practice culture and lose yourself in their tradition, before you have to jump back to your routine. Ride to this wonderful place on two wheels. You can rent a bike from Wheelstreet.com bike rentals in Bangalore for a pocket-friendly weekend.

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