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9 Elements to Consider in a Shisha Bar Design

Smoking hookah is like eating pizza. May be it is not always the best but it is always better that anything else. But the environment where we participate in a hookah session matters a lot. A shisha bar or a hookah lounge is one kind of a establishment where avid hookah smokers can smoke tobacco mixed with fruit or molasses with the help of a hose or a tube. The design of a shisha bar hence revolves around this apparatus as it is the main attraction for potential shisha smokers.

The idea of a shisha lounge has become a popular form of social gathering in Britain, which was first initiated in Iran, Egypt and Turkey. Today a shisha lounge has become a good source of income and people seem most excited about the concept of shisha smoking. So here we decided to talk about a few elements that are must in a shisha bar design. Here they are:

The Location:

Location of your place matters the most. The trend of rooftop shisha lounges is the latest norm in countries like Dubai, USA and UK. This is better because of many reasons but the good view with an open hazardless smoking environment wins among all. Also, getting legal permits for closed shisha bars is sometimes very hard, so rooftop establishments are the go-to option. Although while designing a rooftop shisha bar, one needs to consider special design requirements. This includes enough greenery for a refreshing feeling, appropriate lighting for both day and night and a good shade to protect patrons from sun.

The Theme:

After the location, this is the second most important thing to consider. The theme will not only help you determine the interior of your lounge but also help you lock down the color scheme, materials and accessories. It will decide the overall tone of your ambience. For a shisha lounge, make sure you don’t go with too much simple, keep things bold and artistic.

The background color scheme:

The color scheme you opt depending upon your theme must also merge in well with the inherently smoky atmosphere. The reason is, when a large number of people participate in hookah smoking at the same place, the air is going to get a little misty. So you need to go with a color scheme that will help you disguise this. Go with the standard color scheme that is evergreen.

The lighting:

Lighting matters the most because of the same reason- you need some special effects to disguise the smoky air. In most of the shisha bars, the arrangement of a dim, intimate mood lighting is very common. This is accomplished by hanging a cluster of pendant lights all over the space instead of ambient LEDs. Backlit screens and wall panels are another great option to set up mood lighting.

Sitting arrangements:

The sitting arrangements in a shisha bar needs to be designed in an attractive manner. Usually, a group of people share the smoke from a multiple-pipe hookah, but there are also some people who like to have their individual apparatus. So make sure that each booth is large enough to accommodate a large gathering or a small group of people. You can arrange for comfy sofas to broad diwans for relaxing postures of your guests.


Music is an integral part of any restaurant, cafe and lounge. And to outrank all others, your shisha bar design need to feature the best. For music, you can either hire a DJ for some live music choices or can go with a pre-sorted themed playlist to entertain your patrons. Whatever you choose, it should be either rocking or soothing.

Food and Drinks:

It is always recommended to have extra-ordinary food delicacies to complement your shisha bar design. You food can become quite an attraction for customers. So plan for an assorted menu that feature some attractive food items and yummy drinks to satisfy the hunger of your patrons.

Excellent Ventilation:

Proper ventilation is must in any shisha bar design. In an enclosed bar, the air is laden with carbon monoxide. The tobacco particulars remain in very high concentration that sometimes it becomes very hard to breathe. This basically means that stagnant air in a hookah bar is not healthy for anyone. This is why you need to take proper measures of ventilation before designing your own shisha bar establishment.


The extra graphics you install in your shisha bar are very much useful in branding and promoting your bar. For instance, your logo can become an impressionable memory for the customers. In the same way, the color designs, menu branding and other graphics can also help you promote your place further.

So there are the few key points to consider before opening a shisha bar. From design to other aspects, you can make the most out of your business.