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As we strive to achieve the perfect lifestyle of fitness in our daily lives and aim for great looking bodies and better health, we often forget an important component of our well-being: mental health. After all, our fitness is equal parts being physically strong and being mentally healthy.

However, not all families are without troubles, stress or conflict. The key to having and keeping a successful family unit moving forward is to be able to understand and identify the needs of the individual members and balance those with the well- being of the family unit. Family Counseling is a unique form of therapy that can help with blending those needs.

Emotional and psychological health, as well as the ability to come up with intelligent thought, is often considered as parameters to judge our state of mind. If we want to lead happier lives, then we need to boost our mental health, and follow practices and habits that ensure the well-being of our mind. Whether it is switching to healthier food for the brain, moulding yourself emotionally to allow for more positive thoughts, or getting rid of ill habits, there are many things you can do to develop a healthy mental state. Let’s take a look:

1. Eat right:

Eat Right

Many mood-altering and relaxing chemicals are produced by various nutrients in healthy food, like the calming serotonin in carbohydrates. There is also the chemical dopamine produced by many protein-rich foods which helps in keeping us focused. Replacing your food choices with healthier alternatives will also keep you mentally fit. Add omega-3 to your diet. The best sources of omega 3 are walnuts, salmon, canola oil, sardines, chia Seeds, flaxseeds. Infact, you can also consume Modern Oats and Flax bread rich in Omega 3 from the oats and flax present in the bread.

2. Practice your hobbies:

Practice your hobbies

An exploration of interests not only provides us with much needed relaxation time away from the stress of our daily routines, but also keeps us motivated and mentally stimulated. Moreover, the brain experiences a lot of enjoyment when it is busy doing interesting stuff, and gets the exercise it requires to stay fit. Learn to cook and start with easy bread recipes.

3. Meditate:


Meditation is a wonderful way of relieving stress, boosting concentration levels, and maintaining an overall healthy mental state. It allows us the time to focus and introspect, and brings in a fresh wave of positivity and purpose to the mind.

4.Volunteer for causes:

Volunteer for causes

Giving back to the society and volunteering for a noble cause is a great way to feel great about yourself. Involving yourself in such activities will give you immense satisfaction and build your self-esteem, something that is very important for a healthy state of mind.

5. Abstain from irresponsible drinking, drugs and smoking:

drugs and smoking:

The adverse effects of excessive consumption of alcohol, doing drugs or smoking nicotine are very well known. Not only do they put us in mortal danger, but, over time, lead to a degeneration of the brain cells. Abstaining from such habits will help you get your mental balance right in no time at all.

6. Organize your space and time:

Organize your space and time

One of the primary causes of confusion and frustration, two issues that can have adverse effects on the mind, is disorder. It could be related to unorganized work space or living space, lack of time management and work management, faltering relationships, etc. By decluttering your mind and your surroundings, you can achieve a sense of emotional stability and ease your mind. Most importantly, take help from someone trustworthy with organizing your life if you find it overwhelming. Opening up is the best way to deal with this.

7.  Treat yourself once in a while:

 Treat yourself once in a while
The mind craves the rush of success and achievement. By treating yourself from time to time with little rewards, you can experience a great difference in your satisfaction levels. Therefore, appreciate yourself more often for all the good deeds you do to achieve a well-balanced mental state.

8. Exercise regularly:

Exercise regularly
Physical exercise leads to release of chemicals like endorphin which not only helps in relieving pain and stress, but creates a state of euphoria and contentment in the mind. Thus, always take out 30 minutes every day for engaging in physical activities like playing a sport or running.

9. Don’t deprive yourself of sleep:

Don’t deprive yourself of sleep

Getting adequate amount of sleep every day is critical for relaxing your mind, repairing the brain, and recharging your batteries. Create a sleep schedule which you can follow, and always go to bed on time.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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