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Who isn’t fascinated by James Bond? We’ve all wanted to become 007 at some point in our lives. The fast cars, the cool gear and all the jazz associated with being a super spy made it all the more fascinating. But Bond is so much more than that. He is a man who is selflessly willing to die for his country. Come to think of it, how many of us can actually pull it off?

The recent surgical strike by Indian defense in Pakistan is a sensational topic. Salute to all the martyrs of Uri Attack that laid down their life protecting the mother India. The reply from Indian defense was much needed and they did it in a perfect way, destroying the seven launch pad of terrorists.

Ajit Doval, the name keeps coming in the news and media talks not only in India, but also in Pakistan(and other countries). How much do you about this man, famously known as the James Bond of India ?


Here we bring you some quick facts and accomplishments of this 70 year old National Security Advisor who’s name itself shivers down the spines of the enemies.

He had spent 7 years of his career as a spy in Pakistan’s Lahore. No doubt he understands Pakistan better than others.

Retaliatory Action From Pakistan? No. Not now.

In the year 1999 when IC-814 flight of Indian Airlines was hijacked he was main negotiator from India with the hijackers.

Very recently in June 2014, he was is news for his heroic top secret mission to bring back 45 nurses who were strangulated in Iraq under the attack of ISIS. To think of the situation you can recall the recent movie Airlift of Akshay Kumar.

In 1988 he was inside the Golden Temple(Amritsar) posing as a Pakistani Spy, to collect information about the militants’ plans before Operation Black Thunder.

Medals and Awards

Doval was the to get the . He recieved Police Medal for meritorious service just after six years in the police whereas the norm is at least 17 years of service, making him the youngest police officer to achieve this.

He was also awarded with the President’s Police Medal.

In 1988, Doval was awarded the Kirti Chakra, one of the highest gallantry awards in 1988. With this he became the first police officer to be conferred with the medal that was previously given only as a Military Honour.

Meet Ajit Kumar Doval

Some Fact About Mr James Bond of India.

1. He lived in Pakistan as a spy for 7 years and passed on vital information.

2. After he stopped being undercover, he worked in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad for 6 years.

3. Remember the infamous hijacking of IC-814 at Kandahar? His negotiation skills led to the hostages’ freedom.


4. In fact, he has successfully terminated 15 hijackings between 1971-1999.

5. As a field agent in 1986, he infiltrated the underground Mizo National Front, who were waging an insurgency against the Indian state. He detached its top leaders and forced them to settle for peace.

6. In the late ’80s, he went into the Golden Temple posing as a Pakistani agent to Khalistani militants inside and passed on vital information during Operation Black Thunder.

7. He persuaded hardcore Kashmiri militant Kuka Parray and his troops to become counter terrorists.

8. He is also credited to be the youngest police officer to get the Police Medal for meritorious service.

9. He played an important role in the secure return of 46 Indian nurses who were trapped in a region under control of ISIS.

10. He isn’t just a spymaster but a great strategist as well. He got the likes of Yasin Malik, Shabbir Shah, and even the hawkish pro-Pak SAS Geelani to the negotiating table.

11. He has been awarded India’s second highest peacetime gallantry award, Kirti Chakra.

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