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All about Theories of Gaze

I have read about ‘ Theories of Gaze’ for first time while going through literary theories for my NET exam. Needless to say it piqued my curiosity and I started searching more about it. The exchange of Gazes and how it works fascinated me to no end . That mixed with my passion for psychology landed me to associate it with Flirting of Men and women and the difference between it. Being in social life I had ample opportunities to explore different angles. I talked to a number of people from both genders and the fascinating facts I encountered was unbelievable at first . A women flirt to seek appreciation and sometimes looking for love and admiration which she finds lacking in her life. While men flirt because they can’t help it . After all they have been taught all their life that they are finest creature created by God and its their supreme responsibility to appreciate and bestow their affection to anyone they seem fit.

For women it’s a matter of emotional attachment while most of the time for men it’s a casual occurrence or matter of fun. They will stole other’s lines and send to women,they will appreciate her beauty ,her sensibility, her grace ,in short they do everything and anything under the sun to gain a women’s attention and affection. And then? Then they will move on to other notch to conquer.

On other hand, a women most of the times try to stay on her guard as much as possible. Because that’s what is instilled in her deep down that she have to ward off men’s advances. And then when she let the guard down,she will give herself completely to the relation. I am not saying they are all goddess and idol of chastity and purity. Hell no, women too flirt but most of the times she is just testing the waters.
The second thing which is quite interesting is women most of the time prefer older lot,I mean men elder than her or atleast same age but for Men age is no bar. They can flirt with anyone or everyone under the sun.
Most of the time , a women and men want different things from a relationship. And,it completely changes the game if flirting .Where men emerged as conqueror and women as conquest !