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Aretha Jewels’ Grand Jewellery Sale: There’s Something for Everyone This Rainy Season

Do the cool drops of rain bring your childhood memories back? Does the earthy smell of moist sand refresh your mind? Does the sight of gray clouds induce a smile on your face? And to welcome and enjoy this special time of year, you must shimmer like a glittering drop of rain.

Precious Jewellery is Now Affordable

A fine jewelry is all a woman needs to spruce up her look. And, with Aretha Jewels’ “Grand Jewellery Sale”, you can get the exact piece of adornment, you always wanted at affordable prices.

Taking the Celebration One Step Ahead

The Jaipur’s biggest manufacturer is planning to celebrate the launch its first online store. It eagerly looking forward to including its clientele to the celebration by offering huge discounts on its range of precious gold(9 karats & 22 karats) and sterling silver jewelry.
The mega sale will be effective from 11th-15th August. “Let the Burnished Gold Brighten You Up. Precious is now affordable. Stay Ready to Enliven Your Wildest Jewellery Fantasies.” – Says Aretha’s CEO.

What’s in There for You?

“Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique” – Says Jennie Kwan. Every woman is unique in herself. She is the finest creation of God with a perfect blend of beauty, elegance, pride, and love.

The preference, the choice of every woman is unique and to embrace your uniqueness, the Aretha Jewels has exactly the piece to ramp up your eminence this season:


The king of Jewellery, necklaces add a touch of glitter to your slender neckline, making it the center of attraction of your complete look.


Rings remains with you forever, gracing up your finger’s delicacy and spreading a golden aura around it. Both gold and silver rings are a great go for the rainy season.


They swing as you walk, they shimmer as you tilt your head. A finely-crafted pair of earrings is a great add-on for your beautiful Saree or ethnic attires.


An elegant and beautiful substitute of bangles especially when you are well on your way to enjoy the rain drops while conquering a vigorous, adventurous journey.

A finely-finished and beautifully-decorated golden bracelet is certainly a great idea this season.