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The Most Basic Dress Rules Women Probably Didn’t Know

Here comes puberty, and a girl’s lifestyle completely changes. She has now become a woman, as the structure of her body starts altering. She has to fit herself in those uncomfortable bras as her breasts are developing. The right fitting and maintenance of the bra are highly important for a good growth.

But in this close minded world, talking about bras and girls panties is a big taboo. People instantly become uncomfortable and try to change the topic. I ask why? Although, bras aren’t a very comfortable piece of cloth and cover your mammary glands they are still vastly responsible in shaping your figure for the future. One should have the right knowledge about them but people are shy to ask or tell about them.

Woman putting on brassiere

Hence, all girls should know how to buy the right bra and how to preserve them the best. So, next time when you go bra shopping, keep the following things in mind:

1. Always wear a bra:

Most girls don’t like to wear on when they sleep. No. Don’t do that. Always wear one. It has been verified, scientifically that wearing a bra not only supports and gives a shape to your breasts but also aides your back, neck and shoulders. So, when you hit the sack, prefer wearing cotton or a halter neck bra, instead.

2. Match it with your clothes and skin tone:

Bras have an old habit of peeking out of the clothes, however well you conceal them. If it is an ill fitting or an old bra, most likely its b-straps are going to drop out of your dress; or if you wearing a see-through dress over a dark coloured bra, it is bound to show out. You should always wear something which goes with your dress, of a similar colour. If you are dark skinned prefer bras of darker shades.

3. Wear the right size:

The size of breasts keeps changing according to hormonal changes and other factors. Make it a appoint to only wear a bra which fits you perfectly. Don’t cram yourself unnecessarily in tight, old bras or wear something loose and spoil your shape. The perfect bra’s gore (the part between the two cups) will touch you right at the sternum and at least two fingers will fit between the hook and your back. Whenever, you go bra shopping always try them out and check the fitting, before buying.

4. Washing:

Keep this thing in mind until the end of time. Never wash your bra in the washing machine. It needs to be washed with hand carefully. Its shape might distort by the washing machine. If you want to dry it, use air drying only. Spin drying can again compromise its shape.

5. Storage:

Clasp your bras when you keep them in your cupboard or drawer. Their hooks might tangle in each other or other clothes to cause wear and tear. To keep your bras wrinkle free, iron them slightly. Also don’t put heavy clothes on them, it might disfigure them.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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