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Beauty Products only Fashion Models Use

While watching reality shows on TV or the fashion shows, somewhere down in our hearts, we all have craved to have the flawless skin the fashion models flaunt. They are the ones who are to be the experts in having the latest products in their closest when it comes to a beauty regime. So, why not take inspiration from them today, and that is why we have compiled a list of beauty products that fashion models use. Have a look and indulge in them today. They are not very exorbitant products. You can have them too, based on your needs –

Body and face liquid Makeup and Makeup Forever

Yes, you have read it right. They use makeup for the entire body and that is why, if at all they have any tans, they never show up. All their products for face and body are hydrating products because after all, they wear those things for a very long time.

Organic Coconut Oil

Models like Lula Kenfe own it too! All models are super happy with coconut oil and just cannot part ways with it. The models reveal the truth that they tend to use this just after their bath because the oil help in keeping the skin moisturized.

Facial Wipes

This is a MUST have in every model’s bag. After a daylong shoot, decked up with heavy makeup, or even worse, changing makeups, it is important that at the end of the day, the model cleans it up well to avoid any side effects of makeup.

Eye Gel made of Cucumber

This is especially for those pretty eyes. This gel has been quite a rage amongst fashion models because it has been seen that when they use this on a regular basis, they have been able to avoid puffy eyes or dark circles beneath their eyes.


Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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