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Best Yoga Retreats of India

India is a dream destination for yogis all over the world. There are many tourists every year visit the beautiful country of India. Some arrive here to touch the royal essence of Rajasthan, some want to experience the beauty of heaven on earth, Kashmir. Every aspirant who truly seek relaxation, peace and a long break from the robust life, India is the first place they want to be in and they know yoga is the only instrument which could regain mourn and happiness in their life.

India is the origin of yoga and offers various yoga retreats. With so many to choose from, we bring ultimately the best one’s which offer the perfect balance of soothing surroundings, invigorating classes and health treatment.

• Shreyas Retreat

On the outskirts of the Bangalore, it is the sprawling 25-acre tranquil yoga retreat, Shreyas. The retreat is among the best in India as well as in world. Not more than 20 guests are housed here at a time. With private meditation and group chanting classes, the place is the ideal meditation house and loved by the solo travelers.

Daily Ashtanga and Hatha yoga classes are organized to heal body and fresh vegetarian food is prepared, based on Ayurvedic principles for guests to rejuvenate the mind. Also, spas and massage parlors live up to the expectation to provide the ultimate pleasure to the senses.

• Vana Malsi Estate

Situated at the heart of the Himalayan region, it is the beautiful Vana Malsi estate in Dehradun. Spread in the vast 21 acres land of pure tranquility over hilly terrain, the place is the best for de stressing. Its unique architecture, Mango and Lychee orchards with yoga sessions, all dedicated to holistic wellness of the esteemed guest. One could learn postures, meditation, and breath control from training sessions here.

• The Himalayas: Ananda Yoga

Set at the foot of the stunning Himalayas, Ananda Spa is considered to be one of the most exclusive spa destinations in the world. Once you are in the retreat, you lie in the world of pure air and refreshing water which aims to redesign your lifestyle. Exclusive classes consist of Hatha, Gatyatmak, Kriya, Pranayama, and advanced Pranayama are organised to enhance the well-being. It is ideal relaxing holiday and never the less an exciting one.

• Swaswara Retreat

The retreat belongs to a secluded country side on the beautiful Konkan coast of Karnataka. It is good for healing holidays enclosed by Palm trees, coconut groves and pristine shores. One could not ask for more than to start day on the beach as sun rises above horizon. The programs here target to get all the aspects of asanas (postures), pranayama and mantra right to achieve inner silence.

• Ashiyana Yoga

The beautiful yoga retreat is situated in the top most popular tourist destination, Goa. The place is known for its wonderful beaches, also popular for offering tourists with advanced spa holiday centers. Ashiyana retreat lies in North Goa on Mandrem beach. Amidst palm trees ubiquitous sand, healing is much more rapid.

Often retreats are run by the yoga teachers who are certified. One needs to get advanced yoga certificate to be a teacher. There are several institutions which train to those who want to become yoga teachers. It is suggested to get 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, which homes experts of yoga, who can train better than anyone on planet.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat