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I Am Bold and Strong Now – Aparna Sinha

How amazing it is to acquaint someone with multi-dimensional personality! I had the same feeling when I got a chance to converse with Ms. Aparna Sinha. Though it is not necessary to introduce the already famous authoress who penned the magnificent book titled “Ashvamedha”, it would be exciting to get a sneak peek in the life of the brilliant lady.

Aparna Sinha is the middle child of a writer mother and an academician father who is the head and Dean at University of Allahabad. Her brother is an accomplished lawyer and sister is the Professor of Chemistry at a prestigious engineering college. She is blissfully married to an expert consultant in supply chain. Besides, Ms. Aparna is the full time mother of a cute kid who helps her to grow as an individual and a writer. She starts her day with cuddling her son and making him a bottle of milk. The little man, who has inherited the shining eyes from his mother, loves to copy her intelligent looks too.

Once her son permits her with a smile, Ms. Aparna loves to test her writing skills and spends hours after hours building up a new story. However, it is her husband Vishal who gets to read the first draft of her stories. The moment she snatches few leisure moments for herself, she loves to overlook a beautiful fountain through her balcony with her favourite drink ‘Virgin Mojito’.

Let’s know more about her:

1. Which form of art impresses you after writing?

Painting. My husband is a very good artist

2. Do you plan to give a platform to your creativity in this medium also?

I might, once I am able to express myself through colors and illustrations, the way I want.

3. How did the idea of “Ashvamedha” cross your mind?
The idea of story came to me long back after a discussion with my husband. He was cooking up a story and the idea clicked and remained for two years. I took his nascent idea and made a story out of it. Besides it was practically becoming difficult to ignore the dramatics in Indian politics and its reach to the youth through media, so I thought it is the right time to share the story on politics and power.

4. How unique is the plot?

Political thrillers as a genre itself is not explored much by the authors across globe, so the concept itself is new and a break from regular pop fiction/romantic novels. It is a story of making someone powerful only to destroy him and claim the ultimate authority. I have used global events from past and the possibilities to derive many situations in the book.

5. Which character of your book you’ll wish to see alive?

I have lived every character before putting it down on paper so it would be unfair for me to name one character ; given a chance I want to see all of them (even those who didn’t make to the final cut) alive

6. How do you plan to surprise your readers by this book?

Surprise is the innate virtue of thrillers. The book has many twists and turns and the readers will have element of surprise in every chapter.

7. Tell us about your favourite scene from the book.
The negotiation scene between the terrorist and Ashwin Jamwal, is one of my favorites, wherein the terrorist spoke the unsaid truth- power comes at the cost and wellbeing of innocent citizens, it can be named terrorism or political strategy, result at many times is same

“And yet we are no different,”’ the man added calmly. “You too have weapons. There are treaties restricting your usage of deadly weapons, still you develop a deadlier one almost every year, better and deadlier than last. We both are killers of the same league, except you justify your killing by calling it political.”

8. How much did your little young man contribute in your book? Tell us about his role in your life as a writer Mom.
Well, he came after the book was accepted for publication. In fact it was only after I realized my childhood dream I thought I am ready to be a mother. The period of waiting (till the book is published) didn’t go in anxiety as I had the most wonderful moments of my life. He is now one year old and every day he inspires me to write, though the perspective in which I used to think have changed a lot. I am much more clear and vocal in my thoughts and political opinions. I am bold and strong now.

9. What is the strongest quotient of “Ashvamedha”?

The book gives a glimpse of convoluted social and political systems of the world; it also shows how vulnerable we are now, when the control is not linear, now there are many power points controlling global events, from advanced extremists to technocrats, the global power is handled by many people. The common man is as confused as it was before and is being subjugated from all sides. Frustrated with being manipulated and controlled every common man at some point aspires to rise above all and take charge. The book is not whimsical; events are possible and can happen.

10. Would you mind sharing few anecdotes related to the development and publishing of “Ashvamedha”? At least one?

I wish I had something funny to share or at least something which is relatable to many people but the book happened while I was suffering from a painful disease; it was physically painful – as my body had itchy bumps outside and ulcers inside- it used to burn (for 1 year) and emotionally it was painful as my body was (still is) blotched with dark black marks; I lost a great deal of my hair and my face was ruined. I immersed myself into writing the book and it helped me recuperate fast; also the dark marks over my body are signs of my strength. I wear them with pride.

11. What are your future writing plans?

Another Crime thriller is done. Post that there is a plot for one more thriller; yes, I will continue to write.

12. Your message to our readers.

Read. Write. Express.

Favourite Fives

1. Favourite Five dishes

Oh, I love to eat…
Aalo chaat (no brainer)
Baati Chokha
Farra (it is a rustic steamed dish)
Oh Yes, steamed dumplings (xialongbao , siu mai, momos, all types)
Alfredo Pasta

2. Favourite Five tourist places

• Phuket
• Macau
• Kumarakom
• Vrindavan
• Jaipur

3. Favourite Five accessories

• Rings
• Watches
• Clutches/handbags
• Belts
• Sunglasses

4. Favourite Five books

Very difficult to name five
• The Madman (Khalil Gibran)
• A Thousand Splendid Suns (Khaled Hosseni)
• Parsifal Mosaic (Robert Ludlum)
• Dark Crusader (Alistair Maclean)
• Travels (Michael Crichton)

5. Favourite Five persons of your life
• My mother
• My Son
• My Husband
• My Brother
• My Sister
(my family)


Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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