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New Products Lift Apple Shares; Google Gets a Victory

Apple shares have been on a tear and by mid-November have rallied more than 80% year to date. The electronic maker than still drives most of its revenue from the iPhone has continued to make gains in the services industry. While Apple has taken advantage of new products to lift its share price Google share […]

Google Pixel 4 Not Coming to India

It is saying that Google Pixel will not get launched in India. Both version Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL were launched, and we got to know that when it was unveiled, the smart phones will ship with a pair of earphones in the box. This is bit surprising that company shipped a pair […]

iPhone 11 Everything you should know

Apple devices have been the most promising and feature rich for the Apple lover. In the era of iPhones there are very rare people opting for smartphones. It is one of the famous brands and everybody is speaking the language of Apple. It is popular choice for all people out there and it is known […]

Top 5 Camera Mobile under 20,000

These days camera mobile phone is the most popular choice among young guns and they say. Having one camera phone with all good features loaded with the gorgeous design is just like dream come true. I am compiling the list of top 5 cameras mobile under 20000 so you can find your camera phone in […]

The Apple Stock Continues to Rise Despite Weakening Prospects

Tech stocks are marching higher towards the 2018 all-time highs fueled by prospects of an easier monetary policy in the United States, with trade concerns and weakening earnings now on the second place. Although Microsoft is the only tech company with a market cap above $1 trillion, the Apple stock managed to get back to […]

Top Online Shopping Apps In India

Gone are the days when you have to browse your favorite online store to buy your stuff. Now, the time has got changed and online stores are not leaving any stone unturned to bring the best online shopping experience to you. Browsing takes time when you do not use App. What you need to do […]

6 Tips to Up Your iPhone Photography

We all have witnessed how the advent of the iPhone and the consequent emergence of numerous filters and camera apps—factored with the birth of Instagram, ushered in a new age of digital photography. Thanks to iPhones and a reliable internet connection, great photos are now easier to take and even easier to share. Indeed, the […]

Ultimate Guide to Extend Your Cell Phone Life to the Maximum

Today, cell phones are one of the most valuable items we have. So whether you’ve spent a good deal on a state-of-the-art smartphone with the most advanced features or opted for a more basic and accessible phone, it’s important that you take care of it as much as possible to extend its life to the […]

Latest Android Phones in the Available Market

Ever since its inception and entry into the world of mobiles, Google’s Android operating system has certainly had its own fan following amidst intense competition from longer standing operating systems such as Symbian, iOS and the like. Today, Android accounts for a majority of the smart phone market around the world, and is all set […]

Why Are Smartphone Batteries Exploding?

2016 was the year in which our gadgets started catching fire. From high end hover bikes to smartphones – our devices were literally exploding. The most notable case was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The company recalled thousands of smartphones and replaced them. However, the problem was that the replacements also stated catching fire. This […]