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Champion’s Pet Food – Now Available in India

by Reena Rawat

After Waiting for Quite a Long Time, Finally, Biological Appropriate Pet Food is now coming to India. Indian Pet Food Industry is Quite Big But Lacks Quality to some Extend.

But after Champion’s Pet Food arrival is Surely a Big Relief and Good News for Pet parents looking for High-Quality Pet Food for their Pets.Champion’s Pet Food has its Head Office and Kitchens in Canada and U.S.A. Its Foods are World’s best and Most Awarded Pet Foods.

It has Won So many Awards that no other Pet food Company has ever achieved this Status, Including Brand of the Year-2017, American Choice Best Brand, Pet Food and Animal Nutrition 2.0 Innovation Award, Scored 1st position is Top Ten Pet Food Brands, Highest 5 and 6 Star Ranking etc.

In India, You can Buy Orijen Products Online Dog and Cat food from www.pethome.in

It Sells its Pet Food Under 2 Trade/Brand names
Orijen Pet Food [ Orijen Dog and Cat Foods]
Orijen Puppy Large Breed, Orijen Originals, Orijen Senior Dog Food and Orijen Puppy for Small and Medium Breed, Orijen Six Fish Dog Food.
Orijen Cat and Kitten Food.
Acana pet Food [ Acana Dog and Cat Foods]
Acana Light and Fit, Acana Grass-fed Lamb, Acana Cobb Chicken, Acana Prairie Poultry etc

Key Points :

  •  Up to 85% Non-Veg.
  • Contains Various Sources of Non-Veg Nutrition including Free Run Duck, Chicken, Turkey, and Fishes.
  • 2/3 Raw/Fresh and 1/3 Dehydrated Non-Veg Ingredients [Duck, Turkey, Chicken, Fishes etc]

    Highest Digestibility Percentage.

  •  100% Grain free and Biologically Appropriate Pet Food.
  • Orijen and Acana Pet Foods are Made in their Own Award Winning Kitchens. While Most of the other Brands outsource Manufacturing factories and then being Sold by Marketing Companies World Wide.
  • High in Proteins [upto 38% ] and Low in Carbs.
  • Orijen and Acana Pet foods are made/cooked in Animal juices rather than Water. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from their own Local Farms.
  • Its Trial Packs [ 340 Grams ] gives Opportunity to Pet Parents to try to their Pet before going Bags of 2kg,6kg, and 11.4 kg.
  • Hope it will help in making our Pets shout “wow “ after consuming this Lovely Food.