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Check Out the Omni Channel Retail Companies Online

Omnichannel means the solution which beautifully links up the mobile shopping, offline or online. None of the stores is solely offline and all the offline shopping gets influenced by the online shopping, whether a brand is having an online presence or not.

In the year 1990, the proliferation of the online shopping was their first step to many which revolutionized status quo in the retail industry. Now at present, the industry has completely evolved to point wherein the customers expect seamless experience throughout all the channels of dealing with the retailer. In the year 2015, around 5 percent of retailers in the UK began their omnichannel services efforts.

See what Reports Says

As per the Forrester reports, around 1/3rd of retailers had the basic capabilities of multichannel as an in-store pickup for all online orders and around 10 percent of the retailers offer the capability of struggling for fulfilling the multichannel orders due to the information of inaccurate inventory.

Around 6 percent of the retailers surveyed in Forrester report claimed that they did not have any significant barriers to the operations of omnichannel. Basically, the omnichannel retailing enabled customers both for starting the purchase in the channel of choice and completing possible different channels as per their choices.

If you will have a look on all the omnichannel retail companies, you will find that around 65 percent shoppers prefer shopping in person and the retailers can use other channels for enhancing well the experience of in-store or providing the avenue for all shoppers when physical stores get closed.

Percentage of people that prefer shopping online is likely to increase more people that turned comfortable with technology.

For all the retail trends fact files on the omnichannel services, click online. With great evolution in a field, there are some of the omnichannel retail companies that are leading. It includes as,

Apple: this company has done the lot for ensuring that its physical stores and mobile app feed into each other for enhancing sales. Some of the customers around can make use of their mobile app for booking the support appointments at genius bar store. Some of the walk-in users can even get the message through store app for confirming the request and even letting all of them know when a technician is available for helping out.

When customer orders the item online for collecting in-store, they get alert when mobile device senses that they are near the store. The alert even brings related order information, which customer can present to the sales assistant.

Argos: it is one of the known omnichannel retail companies. Being the good catalog retailer in e-commerce, around 30 percent of their sales come through store’s check and reserve service and 42 percent is solely online. This store is even working for increasing its digital inventory, the online information review available in-store.

Check out the omnichannel services online and the companies which they are serving on a higher scale around.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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