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How to Choose the Right Freezone for Your Business?

If you’re new to the UAE and landed with a mission to establish a corporation, freezones are the best choice, especially for entrepreneurs and there’s a good reason to it. You’ll probably be overwhelmed with all the available choices but not every district fits to your business strategy. So whether deciding upon a freezone in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, here’s how to choose and commence on track!

Decision criteria

While characteristics of all freezones across the UAE are mostly uniform, each serves different industrial niches with specialised services. A typical freezone in Dubai offer businesses 100 percent tax free ownership but there’s a lot of difference in price depending on what you wish to do with the company and types of services. Ask yourself three primary questions to clearly understand which one is the right choice for your niche;

  • Will your business serve just the UAE region or proceed with global operations?
  • Activity or type of services you’ll offer
  • Presence or brand recognition you require for prominence

An offshore setup within a freezone in Dubai is best for companies operating from the UAE having valuable clients outside the country. This is an economic choice whereas setup requisites are also flexible.

The RAK Free Trade Zone

The first choice for most offshore setups is the RAK Free Trade Zone. A typical company here actively serves trading, freelance and consultancy industrial niche. You can also use the company like holding investment or IP whereas this particular legal entity is quite flexible and the setup process is also straightforward.

Some must-have requisites are having a registered office and a bank account in Dubai thus representing company as UAE-based. However, with RAK Free Trade Zone, you can’t use it as a local office, for importing goods or to get visas into the UAE. It’s still a primary choice for most foreign investors.

If you’ll serve just the UAE with no offshore operations at all, deciding on the type of service or activity is important. The aim of freezones is providing businesses of identical nature a home ground to commence operations. For industries such as media, creative, trading commodities and others, there’re many other districts.

Remember, not all freezones allow renting a warehouse or an office space either because they aren’t available or the location doesn’t serve your type of business.

Fujairah Free Zone

To initiate a corporation in Fujairah Free Zone is much flexible and easier with least paperwork. It’s perfect for international consultants specialised in management, business and lifestyle. For services such as internet, music, writing, e-commerce, designing, entertainment, online mentoring, digital marketing and more, Fujairah Free Zone is primary choice.

Ajman Free Zone

Located close to Dubai and much comparable in terms of setup and cost standards, the Ajman Free Zone also provides option to rent an office space, warehouse, storage facilities. The ports here are idea for trading and the annual fee is the cheapest in all the UAE.


The details above would surely help you in choosing an ideal freezone as per your corporate strategy.

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