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Contactless Commuting with self-driving scooters

Emerging from a lockdown is like waking up from a long slumber. We’re not sure where we are or what’s happening around us. As the world slowly begins ‘unlocking’, we’re besieged by hundreds of questions. One of the most important being, how do we start commuting to work again?

Commuting challenges people face today

If you live in a big city such as Bangalore or Hyderabad, you probably depend on public transportation to commute to work. But thanks to the inevitable conditions of social distancing that the pandemic has created, thousands of people face a huge dilemma. People who use cabs are reluctant to resume their services because of an understandable fear of contracting the infection. Owning a new vehicle is a far-fetched dream in this unpredictable economy and even car-pooling is not the safest option.

Today, public transportation runs at less than half it’s normal capacity. That is a monumental waste of space and fuel but unfortunately, state transportation companies have no other option. With large projects like the metro and local train services shut down, poor and middle-class people in large metropolitan cities are feeling the economic brunt of the pandemic. Owning a private vehicle is simply not an option for millions of people. But they have work to do and places to get to. It’s a real challenge that many people are facing today.

Furthermore, with salary cuts, rampant layoffs, and an impending recession, automobile companies are staring at a bleak future.

Where do we go from here?

With so many economic, safety, and logistical issues staring us in the face, how do we ensure that people are able to commute to work in an affordable and safe manner while maintaining social distancing?

As cities slowly rise from the ashes, the streets will start seeing traffic again. If you’re a resident of a city like Bangalore, you’re probably dreading those long hours on the road and will do absolutely anything to avoid that situation again.

With the new normal that the pandemic brings, it’s a good opportunity to make innovative commuting part of this new normal too. The economy needs to get moving and to do that, we need to hit the road too. Here’s how we can make that happen.

Make self – drivings scooters the new normal

By choosing a self-driving scooter rental like Bounce, you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint as well as keeping yourself safe while commuting to work. Bounce scooter rental services spread across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mysore, Vijayawada, and Dharwad. Bounce provides several options for you to choose from and adheres to the highest standards of safety.

Here’s how Bounce does this:

  • All scooters are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected
  • Bounce bikes are covered with a powerful anti-germ shield patented by Aegis USA, which prevents any kind of germs from sticking to your bike
  • Since you’re commuting alone, you automatically abide by the rules of social distancing
  • Dockless, human-less process, and purely technology-driven
  • Easily available across localities
  • Open-air mode of transportation which reduces chances of infection
  • Easy maintenance of bikes
  • All Bounce maintenance personnel use gloves, masks, and sanitize their hands regularly before handling the bikes

Bounce’s electric scooter rental services are very convenient, highly affordable, widespread, and available to anyone who does not own a scooter

Renting a Bounce scooter is very simple as well. You just need a driver’s license and after downloading the Bounce app, simply follow the instructions and find a bike around you. Using a dockless unlocking system, pick your Bounce bike and start riding!

Bounce offers several short-term to long term scooter rental plans starting as low as Rs. 59 a day. You have different options ranging from a single day to 7 days to a 45-day plan as well. Even a 60-day plan is available for those who regularly depend on Bounce for their daily commute. As we emerge from the lockdown, it’s essential to evaluate how we can stay safe while simultaneously getting out there into the real world. Public transportation, unfortunately, is one of the fastest places for the infection to spread. The virus is here to stay for a while, but life must go on. If you haven’t tried self-driving scooters before, now is the perfect time to do so.