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Cycling is a great hobby that every person must follow. It makes you fit and stronger and also help you burn those unwanted calories instantly. If you want to lose weight, cycling is the best possible exercise that you can follow. Earlier, cycling was a necessity, but as two wheeler vehicles came into the market, people began to ignore this humble ride. But, today the educated and well aware generation is again trying to make this simple ride popular.

You can see many youngsters riding on their bikes to their work places and colleges.

There are many benefits of using a cycle. Firstly, it will keep you healthy and fit. In this dormant life that we lead, it is important to give some work to our lazy body. Cycling will refresh your body and tone your muscles, especially the ones in your legs. Also, there is a bigger cause that cycling will serve. You can reduce your carbon footprint by riding a cycle. Automobiles need fuel that is fast depleting. You can save the precious fuels by riding a cycle. People have become aware of these uses and are thus promoting the use of cycles in the form of cycling events.

Cycle sport is competitive physical activity using bicycles. 

We can see many number of people from all fields participating in such events. They enjoy the spirit of these races and look forward to be a part of such vibrant group celebrations. You can see an increase in the number of participants every new year and every new event.


There are many national, state and international level cycling events today that are held in present times. It is very easy to participate in such events. All you have to do is register with your details and a small amount of fee. The events are usually held to promote awareness about an issue or help the down trodden. People think that this is a very encouraging platform to connect with people of different mind sets. It is also a way to be a part of the change that we expect in our society.

Some of the concepts and awareness’ promoted by cycling events

  • Awareness of cancer
  • Awareness of metal disorders
  • Awareness of diabetes
  • Encouragement of a fit and healthy life
  • Encouragement of being healthy and active even in old age
  • Encouraging education for all
  • Encouraging to save the girl child

Cycling is truly a stimulating experience. It is a way to liberate yourself from the simple life that you lead. No matter what your job is, you would have not experienced some thing as adventurous as a cycling race. Cycling is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Thus, the cycle sports events are held for all age groups, sexes and occupations. So, what are you waiting for? Go get a racing bicycle and train yourself to be in the next race that is going to be held in your town. With a little training and practice, you will be able to finish in the first few people of the race. Whether you win or lose, the event is going to be a memorable one.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat