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Defend and Save Oneself With These Apps

Smartphones have been one of the best devices in the recent past and most of the populace owns one. It is filled with a different set of applications and there is an app available for almost everything we do in our day to day life. These gadgets have become an essential thing in our lives as it helps us to get work done more efficiently and effectively.
Mobile apps have the ability to help us in many ways, collect information, create a budget, save documents, check weather, hail a cab, find restaurants, and a lot more than what we could think. While these apps are of a great help to us and we are glad to have them on our devices. Just about anything is available in this nice, sleek and touch device, we can use it as a safety device.

It is important that we are always safe and secure wherever we go and we need to be responsible for ourselves. In today’s world, the safety and security of the people are becoming problematic. People are facing a lot of issues because of the unsafe localities and colonies in the cities and states. The crime rate is increasing and the safety of the folks has become a big question mark.

Tech gigs have been developing apps which help the mankind in a better way. They have even designed apps to keep one safe and secure, as they are aware of the fact that the crime is on the rise. Techies have built these apps in such a way that it will help us at the time of crisis. There are many safety apps available for us to use, but we are here to give you the best apps available in the store.

Here is a list of best apps for safety and security which you can try and make sure that you, your friends and family are always safe

Save Oneself with these Apps


This app is having a great interface and it is really easy to use. We need to install the app and later on, we need to provide our details like name, contact, and email. Once our account is set, there is pop-up available, which requests us to add our close contact under the list called as social security. The people whom we add to our network should accept the invitation which they will receive from bSafe, only then they will be able to receive the notifications. We can track our loved with the help of the GPS feature, which stays active.

Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is designed in such a way that we can add around six trustworthy people from our friends and family. The feature which this app is having is pretty amazing, as we can just select the different icons on the app which represent a car, phone, and texting. It helps us to find the people before untoward incidents which may occur. If we find ourselves in a situation where we think that we might get into danger, which is physical assault or domestic violence. We just need to select the option which will help us to get connected with the emergency numbers.


Guardly is an app which has been specifically designed for the college going students and the people who work at corporate workspaces. We can send an emergency alert to the people who are on the contact list of the app. The app has a paid service as well, which comes at $1.99 per month and $19.99 per year. This will give us access to many features which the app has, we can make a call to 911, it also allows us to track the location of our loved ones who are traveling and keep a close watch on their safety.


The apps which are designed for the people who own a smartphone, there is a part of the community which owns just a normal phone. This app is the right option for them to use, as it works based on the SMS. It checks with our safety by sending messages to our contact, if it does not receive a response from us. We can add one emergency contact number to the list and we can check in around eight times for free. The paid version is $3 per month, which allows us to add unlimited contacts and check-ins.


This one of the best apps, as it will help us to call the cops in emergency situations. This app has a feature, which has safe on it, we need to press our thumb to it for 4 seconds and enter the passcode. It means that we are safe and we are not in any kind of danger. If we find ourselves in a dangerous situation, all we need to do is open the app and press our thumb on the safe button. The emergency rescue team will be on their way to help us out from the situation.


iGoSafely is an app which has interesting features in it, this app does not only help us during emergencies. The app has the ability to track us down all through the day with the GPS tracker enabled. It has a well designed and configured interface which displays the essential details of our phone like remaining battery percentage, network signal, GPS strength, and internet connection. This will help us to be sure that we are not getting into a location where we cannot find signals and unable to reach someone in the time of need.

Anti-Theft Screen Lock

We all would have come across a few people, who are always trying to snoop into our smartphones. When we keep our phones locked, they are people who try to unlock the phone. This particular app has the facility to send an alarm if someone is trying to unlock the phone and snoop. There is an amazing option available with this app, which is setting an alarm for the phone getting picked or moved as well. This option will intimate the people around that something wrong is going on.


What if we are in a situation we are unable to reach our near and dear ones in time of crisis? EyeWatch is the app which we can use when we are not close by to the places that are on the emergency contact list. This app has a facility to record the audio or video by one touch of the alert button, this will immediately fetch the information of the location as well. Let the app run in the background if you are traveling to a new place and not familiar with the location. There are four different options which we can use on the app, depending on the situation where might be in.

Final Thoughts

The crime rate is on the rise and the safest neighborhoods are turning to be unsafe places for the people to live. It might come as a shock that, the crime rate has increased at an unimaginable rate and it is a terrifying situation we need to deal. Though the number of emergency rescues and law federals has increased over the years, the number doesn’t seem to come down. On the flip side, the officials of the federal law are making every step essential enough to make the neighborhoods safe.

Technology has been a great help to the mankind in every which way and now it has come to a rescue for our safety and security. Mobile apps have been designed and developed in such a way that, it will help us out during a crisis. The apps which have been listed above would be of great help to keep ourselves safe and secure. We need to be safe, secure and alert always, no matter whether we are in a critical situation or not. So, wherever you go whatever you do, make sure that you are safe and secure not only you but your friends and family as well.

Author Bio : Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of dectar, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Dectar is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is Developing Uber for X apps for the past 3 years. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.