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With the advent of Android and mobile revolution, everyone now has a smartphone and indulges in the world of games and many other lucrative and helpful apps. And the most exciting thing about that is all the games and apps are supported by most versions of Android. Various games like the Clash of Clans and Temple Run have been exceedingly popular amongst gamers and Android users.

There are many forms of gaming in Android Market like racing, building games, multi-player clan games, mind puzzles, chess and many others. It’s not easy to hack or use cheat codes in popular games like Clash of Clans, so a new app, Game Killer App has been developed for such a purpose to hack coins or points in such games.

Game killer apk for Android

Game Killer is a specially and tactfully designed tool or hacking platform for android based games and it runs in smartphones in offline mode. It can be used to hack money, resources, coins, lives, gems, power in online games to help the player upgrade to higher levels. The Game Killer app works perfectly for all versions of Android and currently works only in Android platforms.

The primary requisite for running this tool is that the device where it is getting installed has to be rooted prior to the installation. Thence it can be used in all games except the ones which fetch user data online. Game Killer app can also be used in playing games for free which are otherwise a paid service in the Android market. The apk for the useful app cannot be found in the general Android Market Store but can be obtained from here: Game killer apk

Few of the games supported and aided by Game Killer app are as follows:

• Clash of Clans
• Temple Run
• Asphalt 8
• Hill Climb
• Candy Crush Saga
• Clash of Kings
• Ball Pool
• Subway Surfer, and many more.

Features of Game Killer app:

The Game Killer app provides gamers a lot of useful features thereby aiding them in playing paid games for free, reaching higher levels faster, gaining unlimited resource of money/coin/power and many more. Few of the features of the app are listed below:

1. It currently works for only Android platform
2. It works only in pre-rooted device
3. The Game killer app is free.
4. Smart Unload Code
5. The app works perfectly even when the user is in offline mood.
6. The game worth can be searched with the exact number.
7. The exact value of numbers can be searched from the app.

Ways to install Game Killer APK

The apk of the app can be downloaded from the source mentioned above. Once downloaded the apk can be installed by applying Root Permissions to the app. After that, from the games’ list in the app, the required game must be selected and inputs of the desired amount of coins or points must be provided.

Currently the app as mentioned is only for Android platforms and doesn’t support iOS versions, but that feature is in developmental stage and will be released soon as well. In conclusion, the Game Killer App, being a free app, is a paramount tool for gamers and android users without dishing out money to move forward in games. And with coming time, more developments and updates will be rolled out which will only add to its usefulness.

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