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Embrace Healthy Habits To Improve Productivity At Workplace

A healthy lifestyle has a massive influence on employees while at work. Maintaining health of employees is also vital and for that reason, employers should implement healthy habits at workplace, giving a boost to productivity while making them feel fit and vigorous.

A disturbed mind can make even the basic events of your day look stressful and frustrating. Mental health and enhanced productivity at workplace go hand in hand. Embracing healthy habits will not only make your body healthy but will also put your mind at ease. Avail the much needed peace of mind with the professional therapists at BetterHelp.

Start reading some interesting ideas for making employees’ health and productivity better:

  • Extend lunch breaks

According to law, it is stated that employers must permit at least 20 minutes lunch break to staff working more than 6 hours a day. Not every employee takes lunch to an office, it tends to have some unhealthy food options like fast foods, ready meals, or pre-packed sandwiches in the case of shorter breaks. To encourage some healthy changes in their lifestyle, an employer must take an initiative to increase the duration of lunchtime.

  • Make balanced food readily available

If there is an onsite catering service available in the company’s surroundings like subsidized cafes, canteens, etc., then it is a big problem for employees as they are attracted towards convenient and affordable junk food. What you as an employer need to do is to bring some healthy eating habits in staff members by arranging some sessions, in which highlighting low-caloric foods is the key. Employers can discuss such options with onsite canteens, encouraging them to arrange some low-calorie, healthy food options.

  • Change the office design

Giving your employees a new place or arena to work in will naturally boost healthy habits. Sitting at a desk for longer hours is a contributing factor to employee tiredness and unhealthy lifestyle, increasing the risk of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain in staff. This is why it would be a great idea to change your office design, giving a reduction in employee’s fatigue and they will feel motivated and energetic to do any work. Like, sit-stand workstations, walking meetings, etc., should be there.

  • Get expert’s advice for nutrition

Inviting health professionals at the workplace is also a great idea to give seminars, lectures, and one-to-one consultation on personal nutrition.

So, get ready to make initiatives!

Shikha Sareen
Author: Shikha Sareen

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