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Episode 2- On her Command..

“At your command highness… I am ready to please you tonight.”

She laughed out loud and replied,

“So, what are you waiting for? Strip off your clothes.”

“Sweetheart, I won’t do anything without you watching me. Hang on…turn your video call on and let me bow down to your commands tonight.” He teased.

Confused between to do or not to, she stayed quiet for few minutes and disconnected the call.

There he was waiting to please her, kill his frustrations and see her seducing eyes. He called her and this time a video call.

She kept watching the screen of her mobile as the call waited for her to accept. Her fingers shivered as her mind payed an intense game with her heart. Her fingers swiped the green button up and their eyes met. She looked tensed, whereas he looked confident and happy to see her finally on a video call.

“You are awesome. I want to kiss your eyes.” He couldn’t resist his burning desire.

“You need to wait and follow my command before you mollify your hidden desires. You are under my command tonight.” She tried to be bold and confident.

“O yes! I was just expressing my cravings…Let me keep expressing as I keep following your commands.” He smiled, pulled out his T shirt showing his well-maintained body. One could easily say looking at his well-built body that he was a fitness freak. He pulled his black vest out and loosened his waist belt. He moved closer to the camera and whispered in a seducing tone,

“Waiting for your command sweetheart! I would love to be undressed by you the day we meet.”

“Open your belt, pull your jeans out, and show me how burning is your desire…” She narrated as if reading from a book.

He obeyed exposing his masculinity standing all nude in front of her. For an instant she closed her eyes and he could catch her pretended boldness. Yet, he loved it and wanted to follow each and every word of hers. He spoke,

“I do not have an ornamented body like you. I can please you with my love and touch whereas your well adorned body can make me go wild with just a glimpse. I wish you could make me go wild tonight.”

She smiled and with a commanding tone spoke,

“Not yet my turn my dear. A long way to go.”

“Aah! I am ready to bestow my entire life for you and your orders sweetheart. What more can I do for you?” He said in a polite tone.

“What do you do when you imagine me? Show me now.” She commanded.

“I try to torture my manhood imagining you to be playing with it, my love.” He could feel his hardness burning in need, in need of her touch, in need of being played ruthlessly by her.

“Show me your hardness. Please yourself.” Her voice grew softer this time.

“Let me take you under the shower sweetheart.” Saying this he picked up the mobile phone and took it to the bathroom. He placed phone carefully on a shelf adjusting towards the shower. He turned on the shower and stood under letting the water drops kiss his body. He stared at her eyes and began with gentle strokes and motions with his hands holding his manhood and moaning high and uttering ‘Renuka’ again and again.

“Renuka, all for you. I am yours. Use me, torture me and demand. I am loving this.” He breathed high and spoke.

As she watched, she could feel a strange lightening running inside her body making her shiver as she watched him stroking and repeating her name.

He spoke going closer to the phone and showing his manhood touching its head while stroking. He switched to three-finger grip after a good regular up and down. He spoke,

“Come suck me sweetheart. Eat my testicles. They need you.”

She watched him playing twisting strokes and pulling his gonads equally balancing to enjoy the pleasures of his testicles and his penis. He could see her breathing high and her eyes lured. She looked seductive.

“I am all yours Renuka. Show me your ornaments, open yourself up so that I can show you more of my hand play. I want to see you and feel your touch. Do it…do it now…” He panted still stroking his manhood and requesting her to let free her desires.

She was quiet breathing heavily. Without speaking a word, she pulled her top out and made her red bra pull his attention. His eyes widened as he saw her swollen breasts inviting his hands and tongue. He pulled out his tongue and licked his lips showing his desire to relish on her breasts. He requested,

“Your ornaments need not be covered tonight. Unlock them. Please, free them from this bondage and let me fondle them tonight.”

She unlocked and holding the bra with her hands and covering her breasts, she spoke breathing heavily,

“Request me, beg me, plead me to show you my hills, or you stay tortured tonight.” She played it with a ruthless tone yet seducing.

“My highness, I beg you, I bow down and cry to let yourself free from the bondage. I am dying of hunger. Give them to me. Feed me, help me out; my body is aching and burning in need. Can you see me, how my manhood is suffering the harsh play of my hands? Can you feel the torture? Relieve me; let me quest my thirst tonight. Let me devour them and satiate my hunger.”

He pleaded with his husky voice looking at her eyes and his hands playing with his cojones.

She smilingly threw away her red bra and leaning forward gave him a closer picture of her protruding breasts.

“Ahaah! They are inviting! Let me touch them and suck them. Will you touch them for me?” He panted and requested.

Her hands pressed her breasts coming closer to the phone. She rubbed them and pinched her pink nipples. His hungry eyes stuck to her breasts and his hands pleasing himself.

He spoke looking at her,

“Your command highness? How may I please you?”

Her drunken eyes spoke everything. She spoke in a slight lighter tone,

“Do the best to my breasts. Kiss them, lick them and suck them. Make them feel special.”

“I am dying to do my best. Come close; let me devour them.” He was burning in desire.

They looked at each other smilingly and she slowly pulled down her long cotton skirt. His eyes widened and sought to see every inch of hers. He said,

“I want to caress your thighs. They are inviting. I am drooling. My tongue wants to taste every inch of your skin. C’mon bring your hand down. Let your fingers play my role. Let your hidden ornament under your red bikini bottom feel my touch with your fingers. Rub it and feel me. Do it for me as I follow your command endlessly.”

She got up on the bed, leaned on the wall while sitting beside the pillows. Her fingers slowly followed his request. She closed her eyes and moaned breathing heavily. She opened her eyes bring the phone close to her and ordered,

“Pull down my corset and please me.”

Her words drove him mad.

“Yes, I would love to. I plead you to do it for me till I meet you soon to experience this in real.”

There she lay in front of him without a single piece of string. Her body shivered as she saw his tongue wiping his lips staring at her clitoris.

“Rub it… keep doing as I won’t stop when I meet you. I want to be in you so badly.” He breathed high and expressed his desires.

“Let’s stop here. Keep looking at me as I sleep nude tonight. Don’t you dare to wear your clothes too. Stay nude and stay awake watching me the whole night as I lay on the bed without a string on the body.” She commanded.

He could feel the torture she was venting on his manhood. He was restless holding and twisting his hardness. He wanted more, he wanted her to act more, he wanted her to see her pleasing herself. But there she had her orders and he had to follow.

(How long will he bear this torture? Will she let him see more of her? Will the night end with her command? To know more…keep Reading!)