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Episode 3 – Let your heart skip a bit…

Here is an effort to keep you busy during this quarantine period and keep your minds away from crisis taking you to the land of love and romance.
Short stories will be posted episode wise. Keep reading and keep romance alive in your life.


Let your heart skip a bit… By Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva

Episode 3-

Sumi could feel her heart falling for him, but she controlled her mind not to step into the path which was never meant for her. She kept the mobile on her dressing table and stood in front the mirror. She could feel a shiver in her body. She pulled out her pink top, threw it beside and looked into the mirror as if lost in some wonder land.

A vibration on her mobile and she picked to read,

“Hey Sumi, I’m sorry. I am not demanding anything. Chill! I don’t want to see you topless. I can feel your beauty even if you are covered from top to bottom.”

Sumi felt her moist eyes. She was never so tough. Situations compelled her. However, this time she wanted to come out of her fears, defeat all the societal dogmas and lay open to her desires. She pulled out her pink top, clicked a selfie and sent it to Manish.

His jaw dropped. He had never expected this. He wanted her. He spoke to himself,

‘she must be mine. I fear I am in love with her.’ He typed,

“Sumi, I want to kiss you. Will you let me…?

She blushed. Never had she taken such steps. She had been proposed by many and approached by many. She never gave any heed to them. She couldn’t understand why was she flowing with his desires.

She typed,

“Will you kiss me?”

Manish had never felt such strong connection with any girl although he dated many and was connected to many on Tinder. No one could touch his emotions. He typed,

“I will kiss you as if you were never kissed before and will take you to a land you have never visited. I want to feel your skin, I want to caress you, fondle you, hold you tight and…”

Sumi felt as if she was experiencing all this in real. She felt her skin to be caressed and a sudden spring of warmth passed her body. She was restless. She wanted to kill her frustrations. She typed,


“I want to see you constantly. I want to read you; I want to explore everything in you…” Manish replied.

Sumi was still in a wonderland. She wanted to open herself in front of Manish. She looked into the mirror, threw open her bra out. She stared at herself in the mirror. She texted,


“Yes Sumi…”

“Manish, I threw out my bra. Do you know I am standing in front of the mirror staring at myself in silence?”

He had the strong urge to see her as soon as he read her words. He felt as if his body desired something. He could feel his restlessness. He felt an uncontrolled urge to see her, feel her and be with her. He typed,

“Sumi, you are an addiction. The more I read your words, the more I feel you and…”

“Do you want to see me more?” Sumi was unaware of anything. She didn’t know why was she opening herself to him. She didn’t even know him closely, yet she was ready to give him everything.

Manish knew she was forcing herself to open up and be bold. He could read her. He knew she was trying to kill her frustrations. He wanted to know her more and everything.

He asked,

“What do you expect from me Sumi?”

“I expect nothing from anyone. Expectations hurt.”

He was right. He thought. He was sure that she was suffering from some pain and wanted a relief. She termed it frustration and was forcing herself to give herself to him. He didn’t want that. He wanted to love her, heal her wounds, kill her frustrations, but he had to go with the flow. He wanted to read her mind.

“Sumi, you are so beautiful. You look Goddess with just the black piece on you.”

Sumi was surprised to read this. She expected him to be wanting more. She thought it would be the best time for him to take advantage. She could never imagine that she would be compared to a Goddess.” She typed,

“Do you want something more?”

“Yes, if I be honest, I want; I want you tonight in every way. But, I want something more, more than this…” He answered.

“What more do you want?”

“Sumi, I want to meet you as soon as possible. Hope, I see you soon.”

(Will they meet? Will Sumi fall in love? What happens after that night? – To know more, keep reading.)

Mousumi Sachdeva
Author: Mousumi Sachdeva

The Author of The Pride of Being Different, Love Remains Undefined and Making Impossible Possible, and the Poet of The Blend of the Real and Imagination(Poetry Book), Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva serves as Skill Development Trainer, author, an international poet, a columnist, motivational speaker and the Editor at Damick ,a Self-Publishing House and the Traditional Publishing Head Editor of Turquoise Publication.