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Episode 3- On her Command..

Just like an obedient lover, he bowed down to her command. What more could he have wished when they were so far, yet could he feel her so near? He loved to watch her curvy body shining and seducing as she set her phone camera beside her so that he could have a view of the resting nude body in the bed.

Her heart was pacing fast. She could feel her wet clitoris, yet didn’t want to expose her burning desire. She pretended to close her eyes as his eyes were stuck on her and his hands pleasing his manhood.

He knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep in real when his eyes were watching her. He spoke,

“Renuka, do you know that you look divine when you sleep without a single string on your body? I am dying to see you laying beside me just as you are now and my hands caressing you and my tongue tasting every bit of you.”

She slowly opened her eyes smilingly and said,

“What are you upto now?”

“I want to see you, see your wetness and feel you as you touch yourself below repeating my name.” He politely said.

“Why would I do so?” She teasingly asked.

“To be happy and to make me happy. Imagine my fingers reaching you there and making you wild as you drip with wetness.” He slowly spoke.

Her eyes spoke her need. She could feel her body wanting him badly. She touched herself showing him her moves as she gently rubbed her clit.

“Yes baby, that’s the way how I would do, but my touch would be more intense when my fingers would play with your clit and my tongue would relish your wetness.” He spoke to lure her in a seducing tone.

Her body shivered as she moaned slightly.

“How are you feeling sweetheart? Do you want me to do that?” he said.

She moaned and drowsily spoke in a strict tone,

I want you to make me go wild and feel the need to be fucked by you, you damn…this is a torture to me. Don’t you ask me to do this until we meet?”

“What about you? Can’t you see me getting tortured by you? You lie nude in front of me, ask me to fondle my hardness, squeeze your swollen breasts teasing me and making me wild. Is it so easy for me? I am in pain. I want to release myself; I am over brimmed wanting to calm myself. I need you badly, you rude…I need you to help me calm myself.” He was panting high.

“I can see you. I want to see you how you calm yourself with my name on your lips tonight. Do it for me.” She commanded again.

He was on fire too. He retorted,

“Fuck yourself for me. Torture yourself; put your finger in your clit taking my name. Let me see you too.”

The fire caught them both and they were lost in each other singing the names of each other as they got wilder and wilder till they could find peace.

Her alarm suddenly woke her up next morning. She was horrified to find herself naked and the phone camera on. She disconnected immediately, pulled the bedsheet to cover herself and sat blankly.

He found himself sleeping on the carpet beside the bed and the phone camera on. He could feel his hardness again. He smilingly said to himself,

“She is an awesome bitch. Keeps me hard all the time. How badly I want to be with her. Let this crisis get over, I will bring her home and make her mine forever.”

He dialled her number. She saw his number but hesitated to pick. She spoke to herself,

“What on earth I was doing last night? I must have gone insane! Damn! How could I get so mad for that horny dog?”

The phone kept ringing compelling her to pick the call finally.

“Hello, I …I am so sorry…I request you…please…” She couldn’t find words.

“Shhhh…You need not say anything. We had a wonderful night. We were both in our extremes. I loved to see your wildness. I love to follow your orders. You are awesome. Please be the way you are to me always. Let us burn each other’s frustrations. Let us explore the limits of our wildness and be each other’s experiment. I am ready to be your chemical throughout my life. Please be mine.”

He spoke with warmth.

She couldn’t still find words. She thought,

“To be his…how? What does he mean by this? Is he proposing me to get settled with him? What does he want? I don’t think he is in love. This is all lust. My lust and his lust.”

He spoke,

“You can say now. What is troubling you? Speak up Renuka. Did I say anything wrong?”

“You must have said all right, but maybe I am wrong in understanding you. What do you want from me actually?” She replied.

“I want you. I want you from top to bottom. I want to love you. I want to fuck you day and night. I want to possess you.” He conveyed.

“How can you possess me? None can possess me. Yes, of course you can fuck me.” She laughed out as she said.

“Possessing you is making you mine forever. I want to be the owner of your body. I want to reside in it and love and care till I live.” He replied.

She still was not sure of his intentions. She said,

“No one can be someone’s forever. I am used to without this term called care. As for my body, if you can claim it with your style, it will be yours.” She giggled again.

“Madam, I know the ways to claim and I will keep trying till I make you mine.” He replied.

(Is Amit in love with Renuka or is it just lust? Will Renuka take his words seriously? Is it just lust for her? To know more…keep reading…)