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Untold Stories

Episode 4 – Let your heart skip a bit…

Here is an effort to keep you busy during this quarantine period and keep your minds away from crisis taking you to the land of love and romance.
Short stories will be posted episode wise. Keep reading and keep romance alive in your life.


Let your heart skip a bit… By Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva

Episode 4-

Sumi was surprised to read Manish’s behaviour. She couldn’t find any element of lust in him unlike the other boys. She pondered,

‘What kind of a boy is he and he is on tinder!’

‘He is not even interested to see me without clothes!’

‘Is he normal?’

She sent a text to him,

“Do you really want to meet me and why?”

Manish smiled. He loved her innocence and her efforts tryingto appear bold. He texted,

“Sumi, my sweetheart, I won’t see you in this way until I meet you and you know me well.”

Sumi picked up her top wrapped herself and moved to her bed. She wondered if a boy on Tinder could be that decent or he might be acting so as to win Sumi’s confidence.But she was ready to open herself in front of him; what restricted him to step back?

 ‘Is he doubting me? But, for what? He is not in love with me, nor I want him to be… What should stop him to take advantage of me?’ She talked to herself.

Her silence took away his breath. He was waiting for her reply, but Sumi was busy in her thoughts. He typed,

“Wouldn’t you like to meet me Sumi? Your silence scares me. I don’t want to die without meeting you?”

Sumi rolled her eyes. For her, nothing was serious. She felt none could be serious for her. She typed,

“Hey, why will you die? Do you have aids or you want to fuck me before you gonna commit suicide?”

Manish felt somehow, he was falling in love. He couldn’t confess as she didn’t want it and he couldn’t afford to lose her. He couldn’t understand the reason behind her rigidity or maybe forged rigidity. He asked,

“Won’t have aids before fucking you, nor going to commit suicide. Will fuck you to death and die along with you if at all I have to die. Why are you so rude Sumi?”

Sumi giggled and wondered,

“Damn man! What are you? Won’t stop you. Let me see how deadly you are. And, as for being rude, I am such and can’t be lured so easily.”

Reading this, Manish could feel his body burning in desire, desire to touch the girl who could keep him in wonders, the girl who could touch the chords of his heart for the first time in his life. He wrote back,

“So, are you flying to me, or do you want to me to fly to you?”

“If it is just to fuck me, we don’t have to plan much. It can be either ways. It is just for a matter of one night.” She replied.

Manish never expected this. He felt the pinch. He was hurt.

‘Was it just sex she is waiting for?’ His mind spoke.

He typed back,

“I know it’s too late and it’s 2 am, but can I just call you once please?”

Sumi knew, she had been too harsh with him since the first day. She knew she was trying to lock her heart and never wanted her heart to be exposed. She had suffered pain. Her past still haunted her and she couldn’t let her heart to be stabbed again. She wanted to be alone. She wanted to exploit herself. She wanted to kill her frustrations. She wanted to punish herself. She had no way, but hurt him so that he kills all his feelings for her if he was at all falling for her. She typed,

“It’s never late for me. But, what special do you want to say me on phone?”

“Don’t worry; I won’t propose you or whisper that I love you. I won’t do so; however, I may try this after fucking you hard. Now can I call you?”

Yes, she tested his gentlemanliness. He had to be rude too. Sumi’s heart was on the verge of melting no matter how cold she wanted to keep it with her. She replied,

“You may call.”

Manish didn’t wait to listen to her hello, or her voice. He just blurted out,

“Listen sweetheart, if at all it is just to fuck you, I wouldn’t be willing to fly so far spending my hard-earned money and wasting on a trip just to fuck a damn confused girl. You may be beautiful, but not a goddess whom I would try to impress just because I want her pussy. I like you and I want you in my life till I am alive, even if there is no kind of affair between us. I would love to meet you again and again even if you get married to some other man, or I get married to some other woman. I hope you get this. And, for you to note please, to fuck, I will find many in my city too.”

He spoke at one go as if in one breath and remained silent to listen to her.

“Hmmm…I get it.” Sumi couldn’t speak more than that. Her eyes wear full of tears. She couldn’t find any words. There prevailed a silence on both the sides waiting for the other to break the silence.

He had to break it as he knew how stubborn she could be.

“Sumi, is silence is what we speak tonight?”

And, there came the sharp reply,

“There must be silence after noise. And, the noise is still ringing my ears.”

Manish couldn’t stop his smile. He spoke,

“Seriously, are you really so innocent yet rude? I would like to see your expression when your words show anger or irritation.”

“I am not at all innocent. Yes, I am rude. And why would you like to see me when I am angry?”

Manish replied,

“To kiss you hard and melt you in my arms. I love your arrogance. I will melt your arrogance. Let me meet you once.”

Sumi’s heart skipped listening to this. His words had the warmth to melt her, yet she was not ready to let her heart out.

(Will Sumi let her heart out to Manish? Will they meet? Will Manish be able to melt her arrogance?)

To know more, keep reading…