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Untold Stories

Episode 5 – Let your heart skip a bit…

Here is an effort to keep you busy during this quarantine period and keep your minds away from crisis taking you to the land of love and romance.
Short stories will be posted episode wise. Keep reading and keep romance alive in your life.


Episode 5 –

Manish couldn’t sleep the whole night recollecting the words he fired on Sumi. He had never spoken with such unparliamentary words to any females ever. But he was furious and hurt. He wanted to make things clear and hence he had to be rude in turn which he never wanted to. He thought he should make an early decision to meet her before her forged arrogance clashes with his ego. He decided to talk to her in the afternoon and plan for their meet.

Sumi was still under shock and surprise. She had never met anyone like Manish who could melt her heart even with his rude words. But she never allowed her heart to overtake her mind’s decision. She didn’t want to fall again.

It was around 11 am and her phone rang when she was just about to enter the bathroom to take her morning shower. Without looking at the number she picked,

“Yes please…hurry…”

Manish replied,

“Hurry for what baby? Let me caress you slowly…”

“Damn you…why have you called at this hour? And, I am not asking you to…”  and she fumbled holding the knot of her towel tight which wrapped her exposing her bare shoulders, neck and her deep cleavage. Her shiny thighs and her legs were properly toned and exposed.

“Yes, Sumi, not asking me to…?”

And silence was her response.

He spoke,

“Okay, okay…sorry… I had called you to ask an important thing. If you are free, may we talk for few minutes?”

“Hmm…actually…okay tell me what is so important suddenly?”

Manish replied,

“Oh, I never knew you have such a sweet and seducing voice and I couldn’t compliment you last night as I know I made the noise leaving you dumb. A strong girl with insolence can have such a romantic voice…wow! I am impressed again.”

Sumi wondered if it was to listen to her voice and compliment was the important thing he had called for. She sighed and replied,

“That’s it; So, what’s important in this Manish? You could have called sometime later for this.”

“Oh, I am sorry, if I called you at the wrong hour. I thought today being Sunday, you will be still on bed! Oops kidding my sweetheart. I will call you later.”

Sumi might be showing her arrogance, but she loved to hear him. She loved his efforts to make things lighter with his humour although she felt his sense of humour to be a disaster. She instantly replied,

“It’s okay. I was just going to take shower and so…”

“Don’t tell me you are talking to me without a single string on your body. If at all, I must say I have called you at the right hour.” Manish replied and laughed out.

“No, my dear smart hero, I am wrapped with a beautiful purple towel. Your bad luck.” She spoke with a lighter tone keeping aside her spicy tongue for a while.

“Oh, my my…my God, I have come to know that you can speak normal too without even roasting your words, or is this the effect of your unembellished skin just covered carelessly with your towel?” Manish let his emotions flow unintentionally as he had locked his mind for a while and let his body react with the command of his heart.

“What do you think about me? I am not a vampire…huh!” Sumi responded with a slight tone of irritation yet with the touch of humour.

“I never knew if vampires ever spoke, and if the vampire be so beautiful with her sexy voice, I would love to be sucked by her…. (after a slight pause) I mean blood…” Manish spoke with a passionate tone.

“Damn! Yes, I will suck you till you get cold and run out of blood.” She laughed and replied.

“I am ready Sumi…By the way, you sound so sweet when you laugh and talk. I want you to keep smiling and laughing throwing away your arrogance and frustrations. After all, I am coming to you soon to kill your frustrations. And, if you want a trial, I can give you a demo killing half of your frustrations. And, as you are ready to suck me, I would love to surrender and let myself run out of blood.”

Sumi listened to him in silence. She loved the way Manish put words with double meanings. Her heart skipped every time he spoke about her and his desires hidden in the words he deliberately used.

Manish continued,

“Hey, why are you silent? Don’t tell me you are getting ready to suck me…”

Sumi laughed out,

“You are not so simple Manish. You are damn clever. By the way, how do I get ready to suck you. You are quite far.”

“If you wish, I can let you experience that feel. And, when we meet, you will be trained to do it in a furious way to kill me dear vampire.”

Sumi laughed again.

He continued,

“I want to see you now Sumi. Can I make video call? I am not forcing you…just expressing my desires. Can I see you now with the towel wrapped and imagine you to be near me? Can I…?” And he stopped.

(Will Sumi flow with his desires? Will she allow him to see her? What more did Manish want to ask?)

To know more, keep reading…