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Episode 5- On her Command..

The next week was busy for Amit as he had to prepare his travel schedule. He no longer wanted to wait to meet the only girl he had ever imagined so much in his life. He feared her mind; he was scared of her thought process and her capabilities to take sudden and weird decisions of life. He knew she was different- different than all the females he had ever encountered.

She could never believe that he would come all the way long just to meet her. She thought lust can’t be so strong that one would take all risk to satiate his lust. She spoke to herself,

“He would find many women in his city to calm down his lust. Why would he take the pain to spend so much and fly to me? Men just can give hopes and play with feelings!”

She laughed and got back to her work trying to focus on her goals.

Amit finally decided to drive down rather than take the risk of flying. He didn’t want to waste a single day and wanted to avoid the quarantine stage. Driving would save him from many things.

He called her on Friday before he planned his trip for Saturday early morning,

“Hi Renuka! So, are you ready to command me in your bed soon? Get ready to be wild as I am reaching you soon.”

She couldn’t believe her ears. She wondered if at all he was serious.

“Are you serious or drunk before the weekends? Reaching me! Is it fun? You are not a magician to close your eyes and appear before me. I am miles away from you.”

“Oh, of course it is fun. Won’t it be fun when I tear your clothes apart and play with your shiny skin? It will be of course fun when you would command me as you had fantasized to please you with my touch. And, what if I say you that yes, I am a magician and I am reaching you late night tomorrow.”

She still couldn’t believe him and laughed it out saying,

“A very poor joke …indeed. Why will you come all the way to my place with so much risk?”

“Sweetheart, I am not joking at all. Why would I joke on this? I am coming. I have packed my stuff, took my car for servicing as I have to drive one full day. And, here you are questioning my plans! Get ready to be fucked by me brutally.”

He said with a serious tone.

She got a sudden jolt listening to this. She could feel something whirling inside her stomach in excitement as well as nervousness. She was silent for few minutes failing to find words. She wondered what on earth was this happening! She could never imagine a man to drive such a long route just to fuck her.

“Why are you taking risk? Do you know it would take more than a day and if you drive from your place, you would reach on Sunday? Why on earth are you taking this risk?” She asked surprisingly.

“I can no longer wait to die here. I better die after I meet you. I don’t know what I am doing, but I am not able to stop myself. I can’t stay torturing myself here only with the desire to meet you. I want to end this wait.” He seemed emotional.

She didn’t want to ask him anything more. She was confused, yet happy somewhere within.

“I am waiting for you,” That’s all what she could say.

He suddenly thought that he couldn’t afford to waste the Saturday as reaching on Sunday would again take one more day. He decided to drive the very evening. He said,

“Hey, Renuka …listen…if my drive will take more than a day, in that case, I would start my drive tonight itself as I am free and my luggage is packed. I will reach you on Saturday night as per my word. Wait for me baby.”

Renuka hurried to clean her messy room. She arranged all her books, files and her study table. She placed a new bedsheet and new toiletries to welcome him home. She went to the kitchen to plan what could she prepare for him the next day as he would arrive very late, and restaurants were yet to open. Moreover, it was not at all safe to eat out. Something made her happy. She was overjoyed. With loud music on, she started to decorate her room, repeating the lines,

“I will be right here waiting for you” by Richard Marx.

Dancing in the state of euphoria, Renuka opened her wardrobe to take out her most attractive dress. She took out a short floral skirt with a revealing top for the next day. She planned to go and receive him although it would be too late.

The night was restless as she knew he would be driving- driving just for her. She got into the bed wondering about the Saturday night. She thought to sent a text before she embraced sleep.

“Hi, have you started? Drive safe if at all you are seriously coming?”

He was already on his driving seat. He sent a voice message,

“Lady, it seems, you are still sceptical about my arrival! I am already commanding the steering of my car and reaching you to obey your commands.”

She smiled listening to him with her heart pacing fast with excitement.

She sent a voice message too,

“Come soon!”

“Hey, you sound horny my love…” he teasingly said.

“Yes, I am a bit…” she sent him back.

“Throw away your clothes and sleep nude tonight and feel me, as tomorrow I will do the honours to see you and feel you by ripping off your clothes one by one.” He replied.

“Haha…drive safe or you have to drive with your manhood troubling you the entire way.” She teased.

“I am already hard baby and want to stay hard till I reach you and show you how mad I am for you.” He said lovingly.

“Let me stay wet then. Stop sending messages now. Drive safe and keep pinging me whenever you take halts.” She urged.

“Sure baby.” He had to focus on his drive as it was too dark.

“Safe Drive. See you soon.”

Saying this, she threw her clothes away, slipped into her soft blanket imagining about the sudden change in her life.”

(Will he reach her the next night? Will they meet and unite? To know more…keep reading.)