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Episode 8 – An Undefined Bond..

The news of her preparation for leave was somehow disturbing him. He knew that his life was going to change very soon too as he had to be back to his family life. But somehow, he wanted to spend as much time as he had with her. He wanted to make this bond memorable.

She felt restless too at the thought of packing her stuff and moving away from this fantasy world. She was enjoying every bit of these lockdown days since she had bumped on him.

He sent her a text next day,

“Any plans tonight?”

“I haven’t thought about it yet.” She replied.

“Hey, I was reading a romantic story. I want to see you in a skirt tonight.” He wrote.

“What has happened to you? A skirt! Why so?” She asked.

“I want to tear off your skirt and put no efforts in pulling down your shorts. I want to feel your thighs and feel your skin without putting any effort to pull anything down.”

She laughed out listening to his fantasy.

He continued,

“You won’t wear anything below your skirt this time.”

“So, you want me to drive down to your place without anything below my skirt. You have gone crazy.” She replied.

“Yes, babes… crazy for you.” He sent these words with a heart emoji.

“So, are you making your plans to meet me tonight?” She asked.

“I keep planning to meet you anytime and every time. Come over in the afternoon or evening. We will have a drink and make love.” He invited her.

“I don’t think I will be able to make it today. I have some pending tasks to be accomplished.” She replied.

“Oh! I just don’t want to miss a single day without meeting you. Anyways, ping me when you are free.” Saying this he went to his imaginary world thinking about her and waiting for her to be in his arms again.

It had been three days and they had occasional hi and hello amidst their busy schedule. The week was about to be over and his frustrations were soaring high not being able to meet her. He feared that she would leave the next week and he would be left alone again. He was burning in desire and in want for her. He couldn’t understand his own mind and heart and his growing madness.

She was trying hard to complete her work and meet him. The fire was equally burning her from within.

He couldn’t help himself from texting her again,

“Hey, What’s up? Do something buddy. I am dying to meet you.”

“I want to meet you too. Let me try if I can tonight. ButI’m planning to have few drinks tonight as I am too tired.” She replied.

“Then, come over. We will drink together.” He offered.

“Nah! I will drink and complete my pending work. I will come to meet you late night.” She said.

“Do not drink much. If you don’t come, I will come to you. You are all over me the whole day and night. Can’t bear it more… I need you.” He requested.

“I feel that I need you too.” She replied.

It was quite late and he was waiting for her eagerly. He had his early dinner, took few drinks and set his room for her. He kept texting her frequently,

“When are you coming out? Please come.”

Her simple reply would be,


She wanted too enjoy her drinks alone reminiscing her past. Sometimes, the past episodes take time to be overshadowed by new ones. She wanted to get drunk that night, but at the same time she remembered his words not to drink much. It was already 12 in the midnight and she was yet to decide if she would go out.

His texts appeared again,

“How long? I will be waiting.”

This melted her heart. She rushed out, took her car and drove fast to reach him. The light music in her car let her forget every bad past and she decided to live in the moment rather than thinking about the past and worrying about the future. She excitedly drove and crossed the lane she had to be in. She spoke to herself,

“Damn me! Why do I get lost when I drive with excitement?”

Her phone rang,

“Hey babes, where have you reached?” He was restless.

“I have lost my way again. But I found it again. Reaching you soon.” She shouted as the speaker of the phone was turned on.

“Babes, you are testing my patience. I won’t spare you tonight.”

She laughed out listening to him and felt equally excited to feel his exhilaration.

“Babes don’t park your car in any lane. Park it right in front of my gate. There is nothing harm in meeting friends. If my neighbour asks, I will say that you have come for a smoke.” He said.

She laughed as she was trying to direct her steering and shouted,

“Hey, I don’t smoke, but not a bad excuse…. haha”

“Okay, come soon.” He walked in and out with excitement and nervousness.

It was always a strange kind of anxiety to both whenever they were near to meet each other.

As soon as she parked her car, he waited with the door already open for her. She walked towards her door and before she could say a word, he grabbed her and locked her lips with his. He held her tight, kissing her lips with a sudden force. He kicked the door and with one hand locked the door still devouring her lips. He lifted her up, with his lips locked with hers and he forcefully laid her on his bed. He kept kissing her just like a man in hunger for days. He pressed her soft back and pulled her shorts out.

“I would punish you today as you are without a skirt.” He whispered panting high and licking her ears.

He forcefully took all her clothes out and held her tight. She was put into fire. She pulled his shirt and vest out and threw away kissing him back. She pulled his shorts out touching his hardness arousing him more and more. They were wild to each other. His tongue licked her ears in and out; he bit her neck pressing her swollen breasts. He played with them and tasted every inch. He bit her nipples teasing them with his tongue. He rubbed her secret jewels till she was intensely wet. She moaned letting him explore her body. He ate her armpits licking them wildly and climbed on top of her. He licked her face making her cheeks drip as if in water. He was too wild and she was enjoying every bit of his wildness. He put his manhood inside her mouth letting her suck deep. He took it out and rubbed his hardness all over her face as if playing hide and seek as she tried to grab his weapon in her mouth. She licked him below putting his cojones inside her mouth. She gently sucked them making him wilder and wilder. He thrust his hardness inside her mouth with constant movements of in and out till her throat choked. He came down devouring her breasts and rubbing her clitoris.

He whispered,

“Are you liking it?”

She was moaning high with pleasure without uttering a word.

He came down and inserted his manhood inside her vagina making her wilder and wilder. She breathed high and scratching his back with her nails. The more he was in, the more she held him tight scratching him all over. They were not ready to leave each other that night. He whispered gasping,

“Where do I?”

She gasped and said,

“I don’t want to be pregnant.”

He thrust in and out with force giving her the pleasure she had never heard of.

He pulled out holding her tight and bringing her on top of him. She put his erection in her mouth warming it again to release. She licked his testicles and there he moaned pulling her up and hugging her tight.

She spoke in a low tone,

“Is this the last time we are meeting?”

(What will be his reply? Will it be the last time they meet? Will they part after this night? To know more…keep reading.)