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Facebook in Next 10 Years

Nothing to beat the progress which,  Facebook has made in past few years. In fact ‘the year has been more than remarkable. A whooping 1.65 billion people make use of this amazing service every month. It is the largest social network in the world. The advertising business of Facebook has grown exponentially. All this success has further propelled the zeal of CEO Mark Zuckerberg who has come up with an ambitious 10-year plan which places the company at upper edge of spectrum in fields such as computer science. The company plans to make aggressive moves in roping artificial intelligence as well as virtual reality to mainstream.


Aquila is an innovative project of Facebook to design, create, and come up with an aircraft which can offer internet access to huge number of people from whooping 65,000 feet in air. In case Facebook succeeds at its aim of keeping Aquila drones in the air and delivering data for span of 90-days peiods, the company will have a potent tool in roping in internet access to whole world. The company is working to handle address regulatory issues which crop up with such drones. Facebook has made world a much more connected place and it will continue to do same in coming years.