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Facebook Looks For A Carbon Copy Of Trending App

Facebook and snapchat – Now a day’s multimedia messaging service has given the world’s largest social media website a tough competition. In that the Facebook and snapcaht have a separate place. The main thing is what is that snapchat has? And what facebook does not have?

Facebook, the famous social network site that makes easy to connect people with friends and others who works, study and live around us. The sites, which are available in different language which makes the user more comfortable. It includes some public features like market places, group, events, pages and present technologies. Sometimes we do not get any reminders as we long forgotten, but facebook never misses remanding us. At last check, Facebook boasts over 1 billion active monthly users.

Snapchat, currently they are trending right now

At the same time snapchat also have the same marketing place in social media. It allows us to send videos and pictures. Snaps on snapchat will available only for 24 hours and soon itself destruct. Though we can take a screenshot of all the snaps we receive to save them in picture form. We can also save your own snaps before sending them to friends or your story. We can avoid all the boasting of sharing and lot unnecessary things on Snapchat and also if someone comments on our post only we can see it’sand no need to change the setting. Snapchat won the hearts of the younger generation as it more fun.

These are the few thingswe can list out the snapchat get across for the flock, though facebook has become familiar to all. But, now we can see most of the youngsters have started to use snapchatas it is more fun.

Snapchat is mostly a hit among teenagers; according to some research firmsthe app’s users were sending 700 million snaps a day. Social Medias are known to use Snapchat as an alternative means of communicating with their followers.

Due to the instant popularity of Snapchat, Facebook reportedly tried to buy Snapchat. It was disapproved. Since then, the social network has worked with a group of products and features that rise to copy the mobile app it once coveted.

Facebook has tried to be Snapchat

Facebook has been tried many attempts to build snapchat, but facebook has tried to turn into the snapchat.It has been trying all the features available in Snapchat with its own messaging app. In addition to the in-development camera application, there are at most 13 more examples of times Facebook has introduced a common feature but there were failed.

Flash in Facebook

For example, facebook has designed the new app called “Flash” to take on Snapchat. It has been designed in such a way it can occupy just 25MB.Its claim info efficient and also has support to offline mode. It offers features like snapchat and momentary message i.e. Messages will vanish after sometime. As of now the app is available for Android users, but it only launched in Brazilian market only. It gets a fine response; it will also come to other similar markets.

Third attempt of facebook

Slingshot sign Face book’s third attempt in two years to capture the Snapchat audience. Like Snapchat, after logging in with your mobile number, Slingshot lets wesend self-destructing pictures and videos, which you can draw or footnote upon and we can sling it to one or too manyfriends. They have the features like; we can swipe the message away without opening the messages at all. This could make the app stick.

With Slingshot, Facebook surely hopes to target the youth groups who shun The Social Network for newer alternatives. But will it instead just add to the confusion among the users.

Who are the users?

We cognize that, when we correlate snapchat user, Facebook has N numbers of users. Snap chat is a new app which is trending now and that it does not occupy too much of space in our mobile phones. It has made a big success among the youngsters. For now, we can say the persons who are using this chat service mostly belong to the age collection of 17-35. The older generation, still stuck to use Facebook instead of some messaging service.
The thing is we most of us like to use the something which is new, creative and funny. But sometimes it is better to try some other app which gives new thinks from the compositors. By trying this app our phone does not harm and same time if it works out it is well otherwise we will try something else.

Instagram’s New Features

Instagram has added a few features to its app which are available on Snapchat. Lets users send vanishing photos and videos to followers, this feature is similar to snap chat both are same but with a big difference. Snapchat was private and the instagram was public. And this was owned by the facebook company. Now it’s easy to go live just hit right from feed to open the camera, tap the “Start Live Video” button and start sharing for up to an hour. Our colleague may get an alert when you go live so they can pay attention.It has launched “Messenger Day” which is the main factor of Snapchat.

Launched new feature in facebook

Facebook has launched a few new features in its app, a filter planed for Facebook live which is a Halloween special. Facebook Live is a basic feature that offers live-streaming video efficiency for users. By hitting tap the live stream icon, you can start broadcasting video live from your Android phone or iphone, and write a free description for the event. They also projected a business deal of purchasing snow, which is an Asian copy of the snap chat. But, unfortunately it got rejected.

Life stage – new app for teens

Recently the company has launched a new into the market only for the teens. Life stage has been just an application that lets you create our profile using photos and videos. It is like a group if 20 or more people from one college sign up, then that college is unlocked, the meaning we can find video profiles created by others in our college. The main thing is the videos are always public viewed by inside and outside of the college. Currently, the app is only available for iOS devices, but we will be sure it will launch an and roidtoo.

Face masks for live video now on Facebook

They recently brought app MSQRD to power the selfie masks look more beautiful than normal one. They said it was introduced for creating creative and innovative things for better experience. It got a good response among the people and picked up 15 million users in just three months.

Likewise flash has been developed in such a way people can use it where they can find connectivity problem. And it consumes less space and data consumption, this make the user switch to flash. Maybe, Flash will be a catch for each user and an easy goal on the court for the concert. It might be facing a strong competition in the market, but we can hope that it will definitely make it big.

Author Bio :-
Anand Rajendran is the CEO and co-founder of Jeato, a company that provides mobile app development services with a team of professionals. Being a tech- savvy, his main objective is to create Android and Ios apps with the latest applications. Jeato is a software platform mainly designed for launching an app with airbnb and uber cloning script.

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