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Facts Which You May Not Know About Flowers

Throughout the history or in modern times, flowers are almost present everywhere. People use flowers to pour emotions like love care or remembrance. Science and mythology are rarely on the same page, but flowers are that unique instrument, which holds the importance in both the world. Whether you are walking on the road or sitting in a garden, flowers are ubiquitously grown everywhere. They have been a part of religious ceremony, functions or medicinal from centuries but, still there are many unknown facts about these aromatic origin.

Here are some interesting common facts you probably didn’t know about flowers.

  • Tulips precious than gold

The charming multi-colored flower is the favourite pick of the florists for bouquets in all over the world. They are the biggest sellers in the world and one of the most admired as well. They are largely grown in Netherlands; more than 3 billion produced every year. But, there is one interesting fact related to them, that once upon a time in 17th century in Holland; tulips became more costly than most precious metal including gold. Sudden demand of tulips increased, which hiked its price besides knowing that the lives of them are 3 to 7 days.

  • Largest is the smelliest

Flowers are known for their unique beauty and enticing scents, but there is a flower Sumatran, better known as ‘Titan Arum’ which really stinks. It is has such a powerful smell that it is also known as the ‘corpse flower’. These flowers smell like a rotten fish or like dead body. This is the main reason why these flowers never became a household hit.

Besides being smelliest, it is also the largest flower in the world, grows around 3m in height.

  • Raw Tulips are edible

Yes it is true, tulips are eatable. Witnessing this beautiful flower in gardens and vase, one could never assume that how much these flowers are healthy. Several varieties of tulips have petals which can be eaten raw and make fantastic salad ingredient. Also, these are the perfect substitution to onions. They would provide the same taste as like a onion but only the fresh petals which are not exposed to any pesticides.

  • Bamboo grow flowers

Certainly, you would be shocked after reading this and may you not believe it also, but it is true. Bamboos also produce flowers rarely. Some of their species produce it after every 65 years. But, when they do, all flowers of same species bloom exactly at the same time. Bamboo produces 30% oxygen more than any other plant.

  • More than 400,000 species

Scientists and researcher agree that more than thousands of hundreds flower producing plants are present. Yet, there are many which are still undiscovered and the true number is much higher. In between them, some are the most recognized flower all over the world like rose. More than a thousand different species of rose is present on earth.

Flowers have endless charm which makes it universally admirable. Their demand is always high especially in urban areas and metro cities, as there is less greenery. Increasing flowers shop in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and other cities is the clear indication that this natural beauty is the first choice for gifts and decoration.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat