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Famous Buddha Statues In The World

Buddhism is among the most well-known religions, and is followed by a huge amount of people living across the globe. Furthermore it is believed that the practice of Buddhism has not only influenced people to adhere to this faith but also has provided the world with some of the most famous achievements that are represented by the famous Buddha statues, which are found in different locations around the world. They depict the various Buddharupa’s and draw tourists from all over the globe. Here is a list of most well-known Buddha statues one should certainly visit to see the heavenly look of the Lord Buddha.

Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue

Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue is located in the middle of a lake that is artificially created in Hyderabad. The Buddha statue located in Hyderabad has been deemed to be the world’s most renowned sculpture that depicts Buddha within India. The statue weighs 320 tonnes and is 56 feet. The only statue that is monolithic that are found in India and this stunning work of art was created from one stone by a an entire group of craftsmen.

Additionally, the statue resulted in the deaths of 8 workers when the stunning statue’s body tipped and fell into the water in the year 1992 during the time of its installation. The government later rescued and reconstructed the statue in its entirety, including height and size.

Monywa Buddhas

This magnificent Buddha statue is situated inside Monywa city, Myanmar within the Po Khaung Taung range of hills. It is the biggest reclined sculpture in existence. And recently, a massive standing Buddha statue was situated on the highest point of Po Kuang Hills which has the height of 433 feet. It is considered to be the largest Buddha statue anywhere in the world.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

It is a Buddhist temple is among the most well-known Buddhist temples located in Wat Phra Kaew. The temple is situated within The Grand Palace Emerald Buddha is one of the most famous and most ancient Buddha statues in the world. It is essentially an image of jade in gold cloths. It is believed that the Buddha statue was created within the town that was Patliputra within India in the year 43 BC and remained in the city for around 300 years.

However, it relocated by the people of Sri Lanka and eventually the statue was transported to Thailand and was moved to Wat the Phra Kaew. The statue comes with 3 sets of gold-colored clothing that can be changed to the King of Thailand during a ritual which occurs at the time of change in seasons.

Leshan Giant Buddha

The Giant Buddha of Leshan is a huge Buddha statue that is built into an edifice in Sichuan in western China .This gigantic Buddha is a statue of Maitreya who is Buddha in a sitting position. The construction of this huge sculpture began in 713 but was not completed until the year the year 803. It’s featured in song, poetry and stories too. It has a total high of 233 feet and features 11 feet of fingers that rest on each hand. This is the biggest and awaited site in China and also one of the most famous Buddha statues around the world.

Tian Tan Buddha Statue

The Buddha statue is located in Lantau Island in Hong Kong is known locally to as the Big Buddha. Tian The Tan Buddha sculpture was built in 1993 and is the principal characteristic in Po Lin Monastery. Po Lin Monastery. The famous Buddha statue is a symbol of harmony between the natural world humans, the people, and the religion. The Buddha is known as Tian Tan Buddha due to the fact that the base of the statue is a copy that is Tian Tan, The Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

The statue is 110 feet tall. is perfectly set on the lotus throne that sits on top of a three-torn altar and this is what makes the statue more impressive. In addition the position that the Tian Tan Buddha Statue of Hong Kong represents serenity.

Great Buddha of Kamakura

The Kotoku-in is an incredibly popular Buddhist temple located in Kamakura. Kamakura city in Japan. This magnificent temple is renowned for its stunning Buddhist statue that is a recognizable depiction of Amida Buddha. It is among the most well-known and revered Buddhist figures in Japan.

This stunning bronze figure is of Buddha measures 40 feet tall and weighs 93 tons. There is a belief that this statue was created from the Buddhist monk Joko in 1252. The statue was initially located in a wooden structure but it is now placed in the open air since the temple was destroyed during the Tsunami during the 15th century.

Temple of Reclining Buddha

It is situated inside Bangkok as well as the Temple “Wat Pho” is well-known for housing the massive reclined Buddha statue. It is among the biggest and most ancient temples in Bangkok because it was constructed about 200 years ago. It is among the main tourist attractions within Bangkok and is visited by many visitors every year. The gold-plated reclined Buddha statue measures 15 meters tall and 45 meters long. It symbolizes the passage from the Buddha to Nirvana.

Ushiku Daibutsu

This famous Buddha statue is located within the town in Ushiku within Japan. The tall Buddha statue was constructed in 1995, and is among the largest Buddha statues. Its height is 120 meters and 10 meters of base and 10 meters of high lotus platforms The Buddha statue is among the most beautiful Buddha statues that exist in the world.

Its statue of Buddha is dedicated to Amitabha Buddha which is called Ushiku Arcadia. Additionally, visitors are able to take an elevator up to a platform, where there is a desk for observation located.

Gal Viharaya

This impressive Buddha statue is situated in the north central region of Sri Lanka and is one of the most beautiful depictions of Buddha. Gal Viharaya Buddha is situated within the enormous rock temple in Sri Lanka which was constructed by Parakramabahu, the Great, in the 12th century.

Ayutthaya Buddha Head

Ayutthaya located in Thailand is a place in which one can see one of the world’s most unique Buddhist statues. This Buddha head sculpture is located in the ruin of Wat Mahathat (The Temple of the Great Relic) which is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Thailand.

The statue depicts the Buddha whose body has been lost for time, but whose head is resting correctly in the branches of the trees. It is among the most renowned Buddha statues around the globe.

In the end, these are among the most popular Buddha statues that you can find. If you’re looking to buy an Buddha statue in marble, there are numerous statue makers that offer the highest quality Buddha marble statues. Each statue is distinctive in significance, history and significance to the culture and all of them are a reflection of the diversity in Buddhist art and the culture.