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Video content is no longer just for specialized professionals. We all do them and share parts of our lives in them. So this time let’s talk about FlexClip , which is a video editor online

FlexClip offers users a practical and easy-to-navigate tool for making compact and attractive videos. With its simple design and user experience, users will find it easy to create stunning videos in just a few minutes.

What is FlexClip?

While you may not have heard of FlexClip, you have probably heard of Pearl Mountain Limited. They have been authors of desktop audio and video editing software for years.

Now, with FlexClip, your goal is to simplify video creation and editing through a web-based tool. It is designed to be easy to use to create professional videos. To do this, they have created a wizard to guide you, as well as a library of templates.FlexClip is an online video editor that suits users who are new to the game.

Also, it is totally free video editing software but it has a paid business plan that offers other features.

Uses of FlexClip

This video editing software allows you to create spectacular videos in an instant. With hundreds of video templates, motion presets, and an extensive library of footage, the FlexClip editor is all about effortless creativity.

You don’t need to be a professional to make slide shows, video essays, invitations, vlogs, announcements, or promotional videos. With the FlexClip features, you’re done.

The use of this program is video editing. This is the essential FlexClip app, edit short videos, add, texts, music, watermarks.

FlexClip Features

This video editor has great features that have made it one of the favorites of users. Some of the most outstanding are the following:

The first thing that comes to mind when planning the use of some software would be its safe price. You should know that the online version of FlexClip Video maker is completely free.

It has full support for various timeline functions , which can help you add photos and videos one by one and create a photo or video album or make a slideshow with the videos and photos that you would have easily.

Flexclip video maker has full support for various types of actions that can be performed on photos, videos, and music. It also has support for video and audio trimming, watermarking videos, rotating videos and images, adding voiceovers, and many more.

User can export videos at different resolutions , 1080p is the highest and 480p will be the lowest. There is support for different aspect ratios to meet your general needs and desires, and they are primarily 9:16, 16: 9, and 1: 1.

Advantages of FlexClip

Flexclip has an easy to use interface . You will not face any problem when using it for the first time because it is a fairly intuitive and easy to understand design.

FlexClip Video Maker helps upload videos in no time . It is really useful if your service provider limits the upload speed on the network.

It supports all major video formats easily, including AVI, MP4, WMV, and MPEG4 . You can have collections of any video format and FlexClip would help you do that.

There is support for live preview , which would be useful as long as you are going to preview applied video and text effects quickly without having to manually preview all the time. If you plan to apply the right effect in a short time, this feature is just for you.

It has support for the basic functionalities that all amateur or novice users will need to make slideshows or beautiful videos for marketing or other purposes.

If you have any concerns regarding privacy, this is an online tool and it covers a decent privacy policy . You do not need to provide your personal data or other information while using it. The website asks about some data, but they are very transparent regarding their privacy policy. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it.

Disadvantages of FlexClip

Flex Clip does not provide support for exporting videos to 4K .

Prices and plans

FlexClip Video Maker is an online editor that you can use for free but in this option, you can only make very short video edits. However, it does have paid options in which you can obtain other benefits.

The paid plans available are 3 packages:

Basic Plan. This package allows you to download videos with a resolution of up to 720HD in addition to the possibility of lengthening the video to be edited from 1 to 3 minutes in length. You can store up to 50 clips in the cloud. This package is offered for $ 5 per month.

Plus plan. If you hire this plan you can download with up to 1080HD resolution, and you can edit 5 videos with a duration of up to 10 minutes. You will also have the option of storing up to 200 videos in the cloud, all this for $ 9 per month.

Business plan. This package also allows you to download in 1080HD resolution but you can edit 1000 videos of up to 30 minutes in length and storage of up to 1000 videos in the cloud. This plan costs $ 20 per month.

FlexClip Discount Offer

FlexClip is celebrating Easter with a up to 40% off discount offer. Buyers can get a chance to win iPhone 12 and Amazon Cards. Check their offer page here:

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.

Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.

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