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What life is all about? Is it all comfort and happy feeling?

It may not be and may also mean challenges including accepting something not of your choice and that can be your job too. You may be dissatisfied with the pay structure, working conditions, distance needed to travel every day, conduct of your seniors and subordinates and many other  psychological reasons at your job. But mind it; nothing can be bigger than you. It is you who will draw the boundary of satisfaction and happiness at work.

Here are few suggestions to make you feel happy in a work you don’t like much:

1. Don’t’ look like a fellow in need – Never complain or discuss your unhappiness with people around in office as they may show sympathy and offer help towards you but can make situation worse. Remember no one can find you a better job. It is you who can motivate yourself more than anyone else. Making a grim face or looking unhappy will make the situation all the more uncomfortable to you as it may jeopardise your work or your relations with seniors.


2. Enhance your skills – Take maximum advantage of training programs in your current job and outside it also, it will benefit you in many ways like improving your dexterity, keeping you busy and distracted from uneasiness of your job, give an impression of you being happy and devoted to work. Your boss may notice the change in you but as a positive one and you may get situations improved for you at your current job and if it doesn’t happen still you have something to upgrade your CV and definitely it will help you find you a better job.


3. Keep away from contentious issues of pay structure at job – Even if you feel getting paid less just don’t tell anyone to make mockery of yourself. You only agreed to the job at this salary and there were so many others who could have taken your place if you were not there. Above all getting something is always better than nothing so instead of counting those things you cannot buy from this salary try to feel happy about what you can get. Don’t forget if you can’t afford a whole pie then go for a slice at least.


4. Be a happy soul from within – Feel yourself a happy soul after all nine hours at work is not your whole life, so take your not so satisfying job as challenge and strengthen yourself from inside to shed away the depression at work. Make friends, play some sports of your choice, join a club, do yoga and meditation, take small breaks on weekends and visit some nearby place and above all spend happy time with your family as after all whatever you do should make them happy. Their happy faces will give you extra energy to deal with the unhappiness and annoyance due to less liked job.


To sum up I will only advise you to be your own boss by having full control over your feelings and create happiness for you instead of feeling miserable and dejected. Your career belongs to you so do everything to get better prospects further in life and be positive even during this difficult time.

Try to be a passionate and cheerful person rather than becoming a crestfallen and gloomy looking one. Falls and shortcomings are part of life and change is an inevitable law of nature so be hopeful about better future , look forward , be a better person, and above all have a gratitude for all you have rather complaining what you don’t have or could have had.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.