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When you get a comprehensive package to design the interiors it is economical. Clients now prefer to get office spaces done in one consolidated pitch from a design company

A  complete package for the office interiors ideally includes the design pitch, estimates, décor, plan of execution and contracts. We present firm ideas which design company will adequately handle your niche needs.

Professional hire & Package deals

 Office interiors are challenging and competitive when it comes to pricing. How to choose the right package deal is critical if you have a fixed budget.

 Bangalore is seeing some good creative workspaces, which are designed by innovative independent professionals and Interior design companies. The pricing and design depends on two factors—whether you have an independent office, or if you are sharing it with someone else.

These days sharing space at work is very common. Start-ups have common public spaces and less private areas. However, if you have moved out of that phase and have the money to have your own facility, then know about the costs involved to make the office space acceptable to everyone you work with.

When it comes to choosing designers, check their portfolio. Have they designed similar spaces? How experienced is the company you wish to deal with. Alternatively, are you dealing with an independent design professional that sublet the jobs to other contractors? On the other hand, prefer a company that offers all allied services under one umbrella. All these factors will determine the kind of package you can get in your budget.

Scope of work also determines the budget

A layout of the space is necessary to know how much money will be required for the project. It also offers a broad spectrum of timelines involved instead of random cost cutting.

 Once you have checked the portfolio and are satisfied with the experience, define the scope of work to the professionals. They will offer turnkey solutions and a package deal to suit your requirement. Get a quote from different individuals or design companies to get a comparative chart. Browsing via internet you can get some pretty good options within your area. In Bangalore, the current rate per square foot hovers between Rs. 50 to 80. In some commercial areas, it is more. A luxury space like a home-office interior attracts a different rate. This aspect will also determine the budget and package deal. The idea eventually is to get the company’s brand reflected in the design.

Good interior designing should be a reflection of the brand

The office space is an optimum canvas to show the essence of the brand to people within and outside the organization

For any company or business, a brand identity is vital because it gives the company a certain value. This enables the employees to live the brand name every day; this leaves the visitors with a lasting impression about what the company stands for. A complete interior design package should live up to all of these demands.

2 steps to a good design package

The first step is planning. This involves the formation of a blueprint. It helps to optimize use of the space and planned budget. The staff working in the office should be considered. As firms become more environmentally aware, power saving appliances should be included in the plan to reduce costs and the company’s carbon footprint. Planning includes input from both the designing company as well as the client. This thus leaves no room for misunderstanding and the office turns out exactly to the satisfaction of the client.

The second step is designing. The process pays attention to the ambience to be created. Fresh designs that coordinate with the theme of the office are ideal. This may be done with clever lighting, innovative furniture and vibrant colors that help to kick start one’s imagination. The service providers should be efficient enough and have all departments of the interiors. There should be no stress of consulting different experts for IT, electrical, decorations, or masonry. Your service provider should be able to handle all of these—if not through in-house experts, at least using hired ones.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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