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Getting A Bit Cynical With PINK

Once in a while, the social concern of Bollywood overpowers its commercial hunger and we are provided with a hard-hitting movie with some burning issues. The latest in this line is Shoojit Sircar’s PINK.
First of all, I wish to make it clear that ever since Shoojit Sircar’s changed the spelling letters of his name given his astrological [read superstitious] beliefs, I have always been apprehensive about him. Not that I doubt his artistic prowess rather I doubt his honesty.

PINK is his latest creation which showcases the culmination of his artistic approach. Right from the cast and crew, lights and camera to action and direction, script and dialogues, PINK satisfies the hunger of classy audience. Talking about Amitabh Bachchan’s acting skills is like showing light to the sun. Taapsi Punnu proves herself way beyond her rough and tough avatar in ‘Baby’. Piyush Mishra, Angad Bedi, Kirti Kulhari and all other actors do justice to their respective roles. This courtroom drama movie gives an insight of a real legal proceeding of an Indian court. With its tight script and soothing climax and also the efficient work of on screen and off screen crew, PINK manages to stir some neurons in the brains of the general Indian Homo Sapiens’ watching the movie.

Beyond that, PINK is NOTHING…

Before, anybody blames me, let me ask one question. Please mention the name of one single movie with a social issue which was successful in changing the mindset of our people. A lot of movies have been there lately. We even had a soul wrenching movie like “Matribhoomi” from our Hindi cinema. The movie released and bagged many awards. And simultaneously, the ever increasing rates of female foeticide and female infanticides continued to laugh in the face of those awards.


We can say that the sole purpose of these movies is to spread awareness. But what is the use of this awareness if there is no outcome?

As soon as the movie released, a large group of men and women retaliated to the views expressed in the movie as in; A girl should say NO when a boy pays her bills, drops her at home etc. etc. [Remember Amitabh’s dialogue in the movie?]

It is quite possible that PINK might grab awards as well. We can also expect debates and arguments on electronic and social media.

But after all this humdrum and hullabaloo, at the end of the day, the scenario will remain as it is. But the worst part of this circus is that the entire male community is cursed to suffer for the stinking mentality of few handful beasts who do not even deserve to be called ‘men’.